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Dec 12 2012

Cinnamon-Sugar Coconut Doughnuts–A 15-Minute Hanukkah Recipe

By at 9:21 am

If you’re still looking for new recipes for these last days of Hanukkah, look no further than this simple treat from Sina Mizrahi, author of the kosher food blog The Kosher Spoon.

For those who are especially busy during the week, make these easy 15-minute Cinnamon-Sugar Coconut Doughnuts. They are a breeze to make, requiring no yeast or rising time. Their texture is perfectly fluffy, with the dough being dense like cake rather than airy like traditional doughnuts. They are also moderately sweet, and the coconut gives a hint of flavor that’s pronounced yet subdued. A wonderful recipe for your busy, light-filled Hanukkah.

Cinnamon-Sugar Coconut Doughnuts Read the rest of this entry →

Nov 30 2012

Eight Days of Hanukkah Recipes: Sufganiyot

By at 1:50 pm

Hanukkah is now six (week)days away, and it’s time to continue on our culinary journey. We’ve already got your started with some cupcakes and non-traditional latkes, and today we’re going full-fry with sufganiyot, otherwise known as jelly doughnuts. Yum!


by Claudia Roden

This Austro-Hungarian peasant carnival doughnut, which became a “royal” delicacy at the French court of Marie Antoinette, has been adopted in Israel to celebrate Hanukah because it is fried in oil. Read the rest of this entry →


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