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Apr 24 2012

I Text Around My Kids, and They’ll Survive

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mother pushing stoller on the phoneLast week, Renee Septimus shared her feelings about parents who are frequently texting around their kids. Here’s a look at the other side of the story.

If anyone had walked past my neighbor’s yard last Friday morning, they would have seen six kids under the age of 4 and three mamas. Two of those mamas were holding babies and pushing swings, and the third was on her cell phone. A lot.

The third mama was me. I spent much of the morning on my phone, talking to my family on the west coast. My mother had fractured her arm, and the last time this happened, she nearly died from complications related to the pain medication they gave her. Anyone walking by would have no way of knowing this. Read the rest of this entry →

Apr 18 2012

Don’t Text Around Your Kids

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mom texting ignoring daughterOK, here we go again. Cell phones. But this time it’s texting, not talking, that is pushing my buttons.

Please, don’t take this as a personal criticism nor a judgment on all moms, all over, all the time (and I do mean you, Tamara.) I am addressing the effects of texting on your kids as I see it. I will, however, point out that I have over 100 years of parenting experience (How old is that lady? you ask. I am referring to the total ages of my children.)


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