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Aug 9 2012

Twitter Chat with Anna Solomon TODAY

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kveller book club twitter chatGood morning, Kveller readers! Just wanted to remind you that our book club is in full swing. If you haven’t checked out our discussion about The Little Bride that started on the blog yesterday, please do, and remember to chime in with your own thoughts. And then be sure to join us on Twitter, today from 12 – 1 p.m. EST for a live chat with author Anna Solomon.

Here’s how it will go down:

Anyone who wants to participate should use the hashtag #kvellerlit on all their tweets. To easily follow along, click here. We’ll be asking Anna questions but also strongly encourage you to ask her your own questions, as well. To ask Anna a question, tweet at her @solomonanna. Let us know if you have any questions or concerns, as we’d love to have as many people as possible participate in this great opportunity.

Aug 8 2012

Kveller Book Club Discussion: The Little Bride by Anna Solomon

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Kveller book clubIt’s finally here: Kveller book club time! This past month we’ve been reading The Little Bride by Anna Solomon, the story of a 16-year-old Jewish girl from Odessa traveling to America as a mail-order bride. The following is a discussion among the Kveller editors–Molly Tolsky, Adina Kay-Gross, Carla Naumburg, Jordana Horn, and Deborah Kolben–about the book. Read through, and then chime in with your thoughts in the comments section below.

Molly: Put yourself in Minna’s shoes. 16 years old. Mom gone. Dad dead. Housekeeper for a promiscuous drunk. And dealing with, of all things, pogroms. Would you ever consider going the mail-order bride route? And do you think, by the end, she regrets it?

Adina: Considering what a bleak portrait Solomon paints for us here, I’d have to say that UM YES, I think I’d try and do whatever the hell I could to get out of Odessa. But I can’t say that I can put myself in Minna’s shoes because–and I might be showing my cards too early here–I found Minna’s character to be essentially character-less. I really had no idea what she was like by the end of the book. Not what she looked like, not why she loved what she loved, nothing. I can say, though, that the shadowy portrait we get of Rebecca, the younger housekeeper hired on to replace Minna, was more harrowing and more telling of just how depraved that life was than anything we got from Minna’s POV, and I got this in only a few scenes. Read the rest of this entry →

Aug 6 2012

Kveller Book Club: We’re Getting Closer…

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Kveller book clubThe first meeting of Kveller’s new online book club is THIS WEDNESDAY, which means you have two more days to finish up reading The Little Bride by Anna Solomon. And we’re not the only ones excited about it–MyJewishLearning’s awesome daily e-letter Jewniverse (if you’re not signed up, do so here, you won’t regret it) just featured the book, and we’ll be posting an interview with Anna Solomon herself tomorrow right here on the blog. Then, on Wednesday, we’ll post a discussion of the book among Kveller’s contributing editors, and invite all of you to chime in with your thoughts.

But wait, there’s more!

We’ll also be hosting a Twitter chat with Anna (@SolomonAnna) this Thursday afternoon, from noon-1 p.m. EST. Twitter users will be able to follow the #kvellerlit hashtag to keep up with the conversation as well as ask Anna any questions you’d like. So stay tuned for a week of Kveller literary goodness.

Jul 26 2012

Book Club Reminder: Mail-Order Brides Wait for No One

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Kveller book clubHere’s another friendly reminder that you’ve got two more weeks to finish (or start! We’re not judging!) this month’s pick for Kveller’s new online book club. Grab a copy of The Little Bride for your Kindle or iPad or real-life bookshelf and get excited to join the conversation on Wednesday, August 8th.

We’ve also just set up a homebase on Kveller for all your book club needs, including upcoming monthly picks and date reminders, so if you plan on participating, it’s a great link to *book*mark (pun intended, obviously).

Jul 18 2012

Book Club Reminder & Giveaway

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little bride anna solomonHere’s a friendly reminder that our brand spanking new online book club has begun! This month’s pick is The Little Bride by Anna Solomon, and we’ll begin discussing the book right here on the blog on Wednesday, August 8th.

If you you’d like to join in on the fun but haven’t gotten the book yet, today may be your lucky day, as we have one free copy to give away! To enter, just drop us a note in the comments below and we’ll choose a random winner this Friday morning.

Come August 8th, we’ll post a book discussion among our contributing editors and invite you all to chime in. We’ll also have an interview with Anna to get more of the inside scoop on The Little Bride. We’re looking forward to getting literary with you all!

Jul 11 2012

Announcing Kveller’s New Online Book Club!

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the little bride anna solomon kveller book clubIt has come to our attention that quite a few of you Kveller readers–despite having zero free time because you are busy being amazing parents–love to sit down with a good book. And so do we. And we’d love to talk about these books with you. And we’d love to talk about these books with the authors who are writing them. And we’d love to do it all online.

And so, we present to you the brand spanking new Kveller online book club! Each month, we’ll be picking a book written by a Jewish woman that we think you all will enjoy. To kick things off, this month we’re reading The Little Bride, by former Kveller contributer Anna Solomon.

The Little Bride tells the story of 16-year-old Minna, a nice Jewish girl who makes the journey from Odessa to America as a mail-order bride in the 1880s. We won’t give too much away, but when Minna winds up on the farm of an Orthodox man in South Dakota who has two teenage sons–one older than her–she realizes her fantasy life is not quite a reality.

We’ll be meeting back here on the second Wednesday of every month to discuss the book. That means you have until August 8th to read The Little Bride and join in on the discussion.

Buy the book here, or run to your local library or new-fangled e-reader machine. If you think you might be joining us for the book club, drop us a note below so we know who to look out for. We hope you all are as excited as us to kick off what is sure to be a fabulous new addition to the Kveller community!


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