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Dec 1 2014

Sponsored: Win “The Mensch on a Bench” for Hanukkah

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the mensch on a bench giveaway

The Hanukkah countdown has officially begun. There are just over two weeks before we dust off our menorahs and get this festival of lights underway (the first night, for those not keeping track, is Tuesday, December 16th).

If you’re looking to add one more tradition to your family’s Hanukkah celebration, “The Mensch on a Bench” may be just what you’re looking for. Featuring both a book and “mensch” doll, the set helps teach kids the story of Hanukkah and the importance of being a good person, or a mensch.

We’re giving away three “Mensches” to three lucky readers. To enter, fill out the form below, and we’ll choose a winner next Monday, December 8th. Good luck, and happy Hanukkah!

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Jul 15 2014

This Rainbow Loom Dress Can Be Yours for Just $230K

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Turns out those teeny tiny rubber bands all over your carpet are good for something.

Behold: the Rainbow Loom dress–available on ebay for a mere $231,000.

Hand woven by Helen Wright, an out-of-work single mom from North Wales, the novelty dress is actually really cute! Here’s the full photo, modeled by Wright’s daughter:

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Jun 24 2014

My Daughter Wants to Go to School…Yesterday

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My 3-year-old daughter has been bursting out of her skin to get to school. This past September, when we were getting ready for the son’s upcoming school year, my son got a new backpack. So she wanted a new backpack. She watched him scooting the 20 minutes to and from school while she rode in the stroller behind and started talking about getting a scooter, too. Over the winter, she found one on the playground and practiced scooting on it, even taking her backpack with her to the playground so she could pretend going to school. She would even stop somewhere to “cross the street” while holding my hand. She started wearing her backpack everywhere she could.

We hadn’t put her in the 2’s program in the fall mostly due to logistics; it was half a day and we lived just far away enough that we would have spent our entire days running back and forth from the school. Instead, I had her most mornings. I felt awful when I watched her longingly staring into her brother’s classroom, trying to procrastinate leaving. Over the course of the year, she inched up her presence into his classroom more and more. She endeared herself to his teachers so they were giving her snacks at pick-up regularly. In the morning, she was occasionally asked if she wanted to help put the schedule up. When the family came into school for birthday parties and holidays, she sang and danced with the kids, even though she didn’t know the word or the movements and she sat right at the table with the rest of the kids. For the class’ final puppet performance, she went to sit with them rather than sit in the audience. She even talked about making goodbye cards for the teachers.

Her social life didn’t help. All the kids her age were either in programs or so filled up on classes that playdates were a nearly impossible exercise in Tetris. She had been in a music class for almost a year which she loved. She was bursting with confidence and joy to see friends and sing. However, after the summer, the average age in the class dropped significantly. She had few peers available on a regular basis and she wasn’t being challenged. My guilt increased significantly every time she asked for a playdate with a friend who was busy at school or another class.  Read the rest of this entry →

Mar 19 2014

I Don’t Make Homemade Play-Doh and I Don’t Feel Guilty About It

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I see that sheet of paper every time I drop the girls off at preschool. There’s a green one in my older daughter’s classroom and a yellow one in my younger daughter’s. Each page has three columns: one for your name, one for the date, and one for the color of Play-Doh you’re going to make for the entire preschool class.

In almost three years of sending my girls to this preschool, which I absolutely adore, I have never once signed up to make Play-Doh. There is just nothing appealing about it to me, and besides, there is no question that I would screw it up. (Don’t tell me how easy it is; I can burn water, people.) I try to compensate in other ways–I volunteer for various tasks that don’t require me to go into (or even near) my kitchen, and I read stories and do crafts for Hanukkah and Passover. I know the school has enough Play-Doh (or at least I think they do), and I know that I am contributing in other ways, but I just can’t seem to shake the guilt I feel over all of it.

A few weeks ago, I Facebooked a picture of my daughters at home, cutting multi-colored lumps of Play-Doh into a million little pieces. My dear friend and fellow Kveller Tamara Reese left the following comment: Read the rest of this entry →

Feb 20 2014

My Daughter Has Way Too Many Toys. How Can I Raise Her To Appreciate What She Has?

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Our daughter has the lucky advantage of being the first grandchild and having incredibly generous and thoughtful grandparents, aunties and uncles, and friends who have gifted her everything and more than a toddler could dream. She’s got toys, books, puzzles, stuffed animals, Legos, blocks, dolls, Play-Dough, art supplies galore, musical instruments, a kitchen set, a doll house, balls, a scooter, games, her very own swing-set outside in the backyard, and she’s only 2.5 years old!

Not only does she have more than she needs, she also has more than she can handle. She plays with maybe half of her toys, though she likes to pull 98 percent of them out when friends come over to play. I am nervous that we are setting a precedent and potentially creating a child who will feel super entitled and will want more, and more, and more, and NOW. How do we make sure she appreciates all that she has in the world? Read the rest of this entry →

Feb 12 2014

My Little Girl Loves Pink and Princesses (and Bugs!)

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I’ve always found the nature versus nurture discussion interesting. Now that I am the mom of a boy and a girl, it’s downright fascinating. It’s from that perspective that I rolled my eyes after I watched the commercial for GoldieBlox that Kveller posted.

The thing I probably love the most about my daughter, Ellie, who’s 4, is that she will dress herself in full princess garb, crown to slipper, and then march outside to examine bugs with her yellow magnifying glass, moving dirt around and onto her tulled tushy with a red or blue shovel. This is also her outfit of choice to wear while she does experiments from her multicolored science kit.

Ellie’s favorite color is pink, with purple in close second. She plays with her dolls – stuffed and Barbie–and is always the mom. She has a jewelry box stuffed with plastic baubles that she wears with the pride of a woman who just received an engagement ring. Ellie couldn’t be girlier if she tried. Read the rest of this entry →

Feb 3 2014

Girls Ditch Their Pink Toys in the GoldieBlox Super Bowl Commercial

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Whether or not you care to watch giant men in spandex leggings tackle each other with the hopes of winning a massive bejeweled ring, for many, the Super Bowl is all about the commercials, and this year did not disappoint. One stand out? The much-talked about ad featuring GoldieBlox, an engineering-related game designed especially for girls.

The ad plays on gender stereotyping in toys, insisting that more than “pink, pink, pink,” girls actually “want to think.” So, watch below and tell us what you think.

What were your other favorite commercials of the night?

Nov 18 2013

Hanukkah Gift Guide: For the Kid Who Prefers to Stay Indoors

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For the parents of the kid who would rather play an instrument than soccer, this gift guide is for you!

1. Hohner Kids Toddle Music Band ($21.99) Your little one will rock out and have a blast with this toddler music set, complete with a xylophone, sea drum, bells, and beads!


2. Darice 80-Piece Deluxe Art Set ($17.49) We truthfully want this for ourselves. This all inclusive art set includes water colored pencils, oil pastels, watercolors, paintbrushes, and pencils. Your refrigerator door will be thoroughly decorated for years. Read the rest of this entry →

Nov 12 2013

I’m Buying My Girls a Bunch of Plastic Toys for Hanukkah & I Don’t Even Feel Guilty

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plastic dolls

Two years ago, I wrote these words in a post for Kveller: “We’re trying something new this year. Instead of giving gifts, we’re going to focus on experiences that honor Hanukkah for what it is, and don’t try to make it into something it’s not.”

Last year, I wrote a post titled, “An Obscene Amount of Princesses for Hanukkah” in which I described buying a ton of plastic Disney Princesses for the girls. After a long paragraph expounding on all of the possible problems with these toys, I finished the post by writing, “It’s certainly not my job to make them happy. But sometimes I get tired of following the rules and always trying to do the right thing. Sometimes I want to do something for my girls for no other reason than it makes them happy. Because that makes me happy, too.”

Hanukkah comes early this year (in case you hadn’t heard), so I’ve been hoarding toys from the discount racks at TJMaxx and CVS for a few weeks now. The pile in our basement now includes: plastic figurines of Doc McStuffins and all of her little stuffed friends, a LaLaLoopsy tree house, and two bathtub-friendly mermaid/Barbie/princess dolls in the form of Belle and Ariel. I can’t wait to give these toys to my daughters–no apologies, no excuses–just straight up commercial plastic fun. Read the rest of this entry →

Nov 28 2012

Hanukkah Gift Guide 2012: Jewish Toys for Kids

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What to get for the kiddos this Hanukkah? Finding gifts that are at least a little Jewish is always a plus. Consider making some of these great gifts from ModernTribe part of your kids’ eight nights.

yoda mezuzahThe perfect mezuzah for any star wars lover, this is. It’s one of the many Star Wars LEGO Mezuzahs ($35-$45), including ones featuring Darth Vader, Chewbacca, Obi Wan Kenobi, Yoda, Count Dooku, Mace Windu. If you’ve got more of a Hello Kitty fan on your hands, we’ve got that covered too. Read the rest of this entry →


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