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Dec 19 2011

Here’s How a Twitter Party Works #Kveller

By at 2:59 pm
retro lady on the phone

A Twitter party? It's off the hook!

Dear Twitter Party Virgins,

Tonight is going to be OFF THE HOOK! Okay, so maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but it’s going to be fun and there will be prizes and you can sit at home in your pajamas–while your kiddos sleep–and chat with friends.

Or as @luffjac says, A calorie-free Hanukkah twitter party for moms!” (Although I’ve heard some of my fellow #Kveller authors saying they will have copious amounts of wine available, the best part being that we don’t have to share it!)

Probably the best part is that we get the opportunity to “chat” with all of you @Kveller readers!  So if you don’t have a Twitter account, MAKE ONE!!  Even if it’s just to tweet with us!!

Never been to a twitter party? No problem. Here are a few helpful hints.

1. Once you’ve created an account, open one window as your “home” Twitter window (

2. Open a new window as your “chat” window, so that you can see the party conversation.

3. Put #kveller into the search window  at the top of the Twitter page. This will show you all of the people participating in the party.

4. You can click back and forth between the two screens. Type comments in your own Twitter feed and watch the party on the other screen!

5. This is VERY important. Everytime you want to add something to the conversation REMEMBER TO PUT #Kveller at the end of the Tweet (or somewhere in the tweet) so that everyone can see it (this counts towards your 140 character limit, so tweet wisely!).

For example:

Hi Everyone I’m so excited to chat with all of the awesome @kveller blog authors! #kveller

6. If you want to tweet TO SOMEONE you need to include @name and then they will know you are talking with them, like this:

@SWMama you are such an inspiration to Jewish mothers everywhere!

7. If you want everyone at the party to see this tweet to Carla (whose Twitter handle is @SWMama), tweet this:

@SWMama you are such an inspiration for Jewish mothers everywhere! #kveller

8. Also, be sure to check your @mentions (located next to your timeline tab on your Twitter homepage) to see if anyone is talking directly to you. Sometimes if it is a new person that you don’t already follow, it won’t show up in your Twitter feed!

If you have ANY other questions about tweeting or the #Kveller Twitter party – feel free to ask in the comments below.

Join us! Can’t wait to chat!

Hanukkah Twitter Party, Tonight!

By at 12:10 pm

party time calendarWe’d like to remind everybody about a major event going on tonight that you don’t want to miss. It’s Kveller’s Hanukkah Twitter Party, where we’ll be chatting about all things Hanukkah, and giving away four $50 gift cards to the amazing Magic Beans. Finally, a party that everybody can attend no matter where you live!

Get the full scoop at this link, where you can also add your Twitter handle to the comments section to be eligible for the prizes. You can also RSVP to the event on Facebook and help spread the word!

We’ll kick off the party tonight at 9 p.m. EST ((8-9 pm CT; 7-8 pm MT; 6-7 pm PT) and it will last for an hour, so be sure to prepare your fingers for some quality tweeting.

Looking forward to (virtually) seeing you there!

Dec 14 2011

Hanukkah Twitter Party… Bring Your Own Latkes

By at 3:37 pm
retro lady on the phone

A Twitter party? Hold the phone!

What’s a Twitter party? It’s when the kids go to bed and you get to chat with other parents about ideas for Hanukkah. And win prizes!

We’re going to be hosting our first Twitter party on Monday, December 19th from 9-10 pm (EST).

We’ll talk about our favorite Hanukkah treats and decorations, share our gifting strategies, and discuss how we celebrate with our families. We’ll be giving away four $50 gift cards to Magic Beans to party participants, so be sure to stay for the whole hour.

Party Details

WHAT: Hanukkah Twitter Party! Bring your own latkes.

WHEN:  Dec. 19, 9-10 pm ET (8-9 pm CT; 7-8 pm MT; 6-7 pm PT)

WHO: Hosts Sheri Gurock, Magic Beans, @sherigurock; Pam Lewis, @outsidevoice; Holly Rosen Fink, @theculturemom; Devra Renner, @parentopiadevra. Moderated by @Kveller and Ciaran Blumenfeld, @momfluential.

HOW TO JOIN:  Follow the hashtag #Kveller or if you’re a Twitter party pro and aren’t scared off by a Tweetgrid, join the party here.


Leave your Twitter handle as a comment below and also Tweet at least once in the party in response to a question. We will @message all winners and they must then follow @Kveller so we can contact you with prize delivery info. Please view our official rules for more details.


If you’d like to invite other parents you think will enjoy our Hanukkah chatter, here are a few links you can tweet out:

I’m going to the #Kveller #Hanukkah Twitter party on 12/19 at 9pm ET. Join me!

I’m talking latkes and dreidels at the #Kveller Twitter party on 12/19 at 9pm ET. Hope to see you there!

Share #Hanukkah stories and traditions w/ me and other parents at #Kveller Twitter party on 12/19, 9pm ET.


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