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May 22 2014

Leaving the Only Home My Kids Have Known

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Three months ago, I moved with my family into a new home six blocks and a few avenues from our former home. This was my first move with young children and I was deeply concerned about how it would affect them.

I wondered how uprooting them from the only home they had known in their few years of life might upset and confuse them. I stressed about the boxes that slowly overtook our old apartment, eating into my children’s play space, and nearly swallowing us all. I thought often about whether they would miss our neighbors, our doormen, our block, and the routine that had made up their lives. And, I worried about how my two daughters would adjust to sharing a room for the first time (we always had one of them in our bedroom previously).

But, as with many other things in parenting, I learned that these fears were mostly about me, not my children. Read the rest of this entry →

Oct 18 2013

Please Tell Me How to Do Shabbat With Two Under Two

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We are Shabbat rookies in every way.

Before we got married, we decided to raise the kids Jewish. I am Jewish, my husband is not. It was important to me, and my husband liked the idea of them growing up with a faith.

Some of the best advice I got on raising kids Jewish was from a religious school administrator who told me, “Just do Jewish.”

Got it. Do Jewish.

Now what? Read the rest of this entry →


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