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Jul 9 2012

Trend Alert: Underparenting. Really.

By at 12:36 pm

parenting classDo we really need a class teaching us how to “underparent”? New York Magazine just ran a blogpost on a new class offered in Manhattan and Los Angeles which combats “helicopter” overly-doting parenting with tutorials in underparenting, i.e. how not to immediately respond to your child’s every whimper. The very fact that this class even exists is nearly satirical–and just goes to show that the market for baby-oriented classes is as bottomless as our own insecurities.

I mean, look at the underlying equation: clueless never-been-parents, plus endless founts of “expert” wisdom. It all adds up to an extremely lucrative market for said never-beens and grandparents-to-be to spend themselves into oblivion. Read the rest of this entry →


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