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Aug 6 2013

Sam Horowitz, Bar Mitzvah Boy: Live at the Omni Hotel

By at 3:16 pm

Hat tip to Jordana Horn for finding the video below which is by far the craziest bar mitzvah video I, and likely you, have ever, ever seen. I’ll skip the obvious jokes about everything being bigger in Texas and just let you watch and decide for yourself.

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Mar 19 2013

The Maccabeats do Les Mis, Passover Style

By at 2:04 pm

Because one Les Misérables-themed Passover video on our blog is clearly not enough, we’d also like to share this brand new video from everyone’s favorite Jewish a cappella group, The Maccabeats! You never realized Les Mis had so much to do with Passover, did you?

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Les Mis Goes Matzah

By at 9:53 am

Fresh off the Oscars buzz, Shalom Sesame has a very special Passover video a la Les Misérables, named, of course, Les Matzarables! Join the characters as they search high and low for a very special piece of matzah, the afikomenBonus: these muppets may just have better voices than Russell Crowe. Enjoy!

Apr 10 2012

More Passover Videos From Our Readers

By at 4:34 pm

Yesterday, we asked you to share with us any adorable videos of your kids at the seder, and some of you definitely delivered! Here are two videos that were sent into us by Kveller readers Liz and Amanda.

First, from Amanda, her 2-year-old daughter Sari singing Dayenu! She even gives us a special holiday greeting at the end:

Next up from Liz, here is her 6-year-old daughter Rita doing the Four Questions… in sign language! So amazing!

Thank you for sharing your home movies with us!

Jun 2 2011

Premiere of New Kveller Videos

By at 9:28 am

Roll out the red carpet underneath your computer chair because Kveller’s got some movies to premiere. We are pleased to present to you two spanking new videos that dig deep into the age old question: What exactly is a Jewish parent?

We hit up a casting call to see what would happen if an actor was told to play a part “Jewishly,” and the following videos are the result. So sit back, click play, and if you like what you see, help us spread the word!

So without further ado, here is “Getting Your Kids to Eat”

…And “Putting Your Kids to Bed”

May 10 2011

Motherhood. The Hardest Job in the World, Really?

By at 2:19 pm

Ah, Mother’s Day. Personally, I celebrated by making brunch for 20 people. There’s a little bit of irony in there, plus a healthy dose of martyr complex, but irony, martyrdom and motherhood go hand in hand in hand, do they not? But really, my job is not so tough. Just ask Bill Burr, comedian in this video, where he disputes Oprah Winfrey’s characterization of motherhood as “the most difficult job on the planet.”

Burr says it’s a load of crap: after all, ever hear of anyone who contracted black lung or feared for their lives because of being a mother? “Women are just constantly patting themselves on the back about how difficult their lives are, and no one corrects them , because they want to f*ck them.” If you’re offended by that, just a warning, don’t watch the clip.

Personally? I thought Burr was hilarious.  “Thirty-five years old playing hide and go seek? You’re living the dream! No time card, no taxes – you’re off the f*cking grid!”

Okay, so the guy has a somewhat skewed view of motherhood in which motherhood equals staying at home without any other form of employment, living a life of bliss in which in between bon-bon eating, there’s popsicle-stick-hut building and DVD-watching. But that’s cool. I get the concept of poetic license…even though I’d venture that most women are doing something, whether on a volunteer or paid basis, beyond “just” parenting.

I’ll also take a second here to point out that this guy doesn’t have such a hard job either. This man stands up and tells jokes for a living. He does so in places that give him a microphone, people who will pay to listen to him, and free alcohol.  Dude, I can do that and skip out on a rough night of pipe cleaners and Madagascar Two. Say the word, babe.

Look–obviously, there are jobs that are more difficult than being a mother. Working in a coal mine, finding Osama bin Laden, giving pap smears to rats in a lab, or working as a cafeteria worker at a fat camp, to varying degrees, all leap to mind. I will point out, though, that in contrast to motherhood, with these jobs, you can actually go home at the end of the day. Moms have no time card, but also no salary, and you never leave the office.

But the fact is, if that bizarre combination of biological timing, wanting to have kids and being able to afford them come together for you? Well, then you really are living the dream, no matter what your economic circumstances. And next time I get pissed off or annoyed at my little live-in co-workers, I’ll try to remember that.

And sure, it could be the easiest job in the world to be a mother if you spend your days putting together trumped-up charges to send the kids to bed so you can have a glass of wine and watch TV. A much more difficult job is actually being a good, or even great, mom. The salary and bonus from that job are utterly intangible–and completely worth it. Now if only it came with health insurance.

Apr 1 2011

Music Video Premiere: Seder Plate by The Macaroons

By at 12:54 pm

Kveller’s first foray into the glamorous world of music videos has made its way to the big screen! Your computer screen, that is.

Just in time for Passover (which begins on April 18th), we paired up with JDub Records to produce a video for the kids’ band, The Macaroons. The song is “Seder Plate,” a Passover tune that’s as catchy as can be. So, gather round the children, sing and dance along with your new favorite animated plate, and get pumped up for Passover!

Mar 7 2011

Puppets for Purim

By at 9:43 am

Purim is coming, and you should be excited. What other Jewish holiday promotes drinking, shouting, silly costumes, and general rowdiness? In preparation for the holiday, which begins at sundown on Saturday, March 19th, we asked our puppet friends, Dingo and Joey, to explain to us what the celebration is all about. Enjoy the video, and share with friends and family!


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