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Jan 15 2013

What I Learned from My 2012 Bucket List

By at 11:42 am

We’re now well into January and I’m just getting around to my reflections on last year. While I’m always excited to welcome the new, last year was so profound I wanted to soak it all in for a bit.

If you’ve been following along this past year I made a list of 25 things I’d like to do in 2012. I found out I was pregnant with my second child four days before that post ran on Kveller. I wasn’t sure if I was being overly ambitious with my list given I was dry heaving into the trash can every time I tried to feed my toddler, but I’m so happy I stuck with it. I’m so happy I worked on me last year.

The things on that list that I pushed myself to do, I can honestly say made me a happier, more fulfilled, and better person. Our family motto is “living an intentional life” and I felt like even by doing something as simple as growing out my hair–I was living intentionally. Read the rest of this entry →


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