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Sep 13 2012

Kveller Book Club: Twitter Chat with Jennifer Miller TODAY

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kveller book club twitter chatAhoy, Kveller readers. For those of you following along, today is our Twitter chat this month’s book club author, Jennifer Miller.

We’ll be chatting about Year of the Gadfly with Jennifer on Twitter today at noon (EST). Get your questions ready and then follow along with the conversation by using the #kvellerlit hash tag. The chat will go from 12 – 1 p.m.

To ask Jennifer a question, tweet at her Twitter handle @propjen. And if you haven’t had a chance to read through our discussion about the book on the blog yesterday, you can find it here. We really hope to hear from all of you. See you in the Twittersphere!

Sep 12 2012

Kveller Book Club Discussion: Year of the Gadfly by Jennifer Miller

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The time has come for another Kveller book club discussion! This month we read Year of the Gadfly by Jennifer Miller. This book sucks you right into the crazy world of a hyper-intensive East coast prep school, featuring new student Iris Dupont, a budding journalist and occasional hallucinator, and an underground secret society that may or may not be ruining everybody’s lives.

Below you’ll find our chat about the book among our contributing editors, as well as our *guest star commentator*, Kveller reader Jennifer Grackin Steinberg. If you read along this month, add your thoughts about the book in the comments below, as we’d LOVE to hear them.

Then remember to join us for a Twitter chat with author Jennifer Miller (@propjentomorrow at noon. You’ll be able to follow along with the #kvellerlit hash tag.

Molly: Of Iris, Jonah, and Lily, who was your favorite narrator/perspective? I found myself pretty partial to Iris, maybe because we got to know her first and also maybe because she is a semi-delusional nerd who feels very passionately about her art and, well, I can relate.

Jordana: I also loved Iris most. I found her intelligence and, yes, nerdiness, appealing. I’m not sure if Jonah turned me off because of my first impressions of him through Iris’s eyes, or because of how Miller wrote him–I’m inclined to think the former, as I was impressed over and over again by Miller’s dexterity. Read the rest of this entry →

Aug 22 2012

Kveller Book Club Reminder: Year of the Gadfly

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the year of the gadfly jennifer millerHello, friends! Just wanted to remind you that the Kveller Book Club is well underway, and we’re currently reading The Year of the Gadfly by Jennifer Miller. It’s not too late to get started, so purchase your copy here (if you buy through this link, a portion of the profits will go to Kveller, which we would greatly appreciate. Just saying).

I’m halfway through the book now, and I must say, I’m absolutely riveted. It’s mysterious, hilarious, and brings you right back to the wonderful world of high school, which I know you’ve all been wanting to revisit.

Then be sure to mark your calendar to discuss the book, right here on the blog, onWednesday, September 12th. We’ll also be chatting with author Jennifer Miller on Twitter (#kvellerlit) onThursday, September 13th from 12-1 p.m. EST, so get pumped. Happy reading!

Aug 14 2012

Kveller Book Club: The Year of the Gadfly is Up Next–Enter to Win a Free Copy!

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the year of the gadfly jennifer millerThe Kveller Book Club had its first “meeting” last week, where we talked about The Little Bride, chatted with author Anna Solomon over Twitter, and overall had a great time! Thanks to all who joined in, and to all who missed this one but want to get involved next month… here’s your chance!

Our next book club book will be The Year of the Gadfly by Jennifer Miller. Here’s what the jacket copy has to say:

Storied, fiercely competitive Mariana Academy was founded with a serious honor code; its reputation has been unsullied for decades. Now a long-dormant secret society, Prisom’s Party, threatens its placid halls with vigilante justice, exposing students and teachers alike for even the most minor infraction.

Iris Dupont, a budding journalist whose only confidant is the chain-smoking specter of Edward R. Murrow, feels sure she can break into the ranks of The Devil’s Advocate, the Party’s underground newspaper, and there uncover the source of its blackmail schemes and vilifying rumors. Some involve the school’s new science teacher, who also seems to be investigating the Party. Others point to an albino student who left school abruptly ten years before, never to return. And everything connects to a rare book called Marvelous Species. But the truth comes with its own dangers, and Iris is torn between her allegiances, her reporter’s instinct, and her own troubled past.

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