Finding the mohel that's right for you and your family is crucial. The mohels on this list will work with you to create a ceremony that meets your needs and makes everyone feel comfortable--even your new son. Mazel tov!


Please note: While Kveller is happy to share this information, inclusion on this list does not constitute an endorsement. 


Dr. Steven J. Adashek, MD

Phone: 410-561-9812 or 410-733-3540.
Training: Certified Mohel: Berit Mila Board of Reform Judaism Board Certified by the American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology.
Anesthesia: Prefers a ring block using 1% lidocaine.
Geographic area: Greater Baltimore, Washington, Annapolis and Southern Pennsylvania.
Fee: $600 – Insurance reimbursement available.
Additional information: Will perform b'rit mila to all members of the Jewish community, including interfaith couples.

Rabbi Yirmiyahu Benyowitz

Phone: 443-799-4794
Training: Certified in Israel 1992
Geographic Area: Baltimore
Fee: $400
Additional information: Will perform bris for Jewish babies.

Rabbi Avrohom Glenn

Phone: 1-888-the-bris or 1-917-371-0170
Training: Trained and certified by the famous Rabbi Yosef 'Yossele' Weisberg of Jerusalem.
Geographic Area: Maryland, Tri-state area, DC and Virginia.
Cost: Affordable
Additional information: Tradition with tender care.

Rabbi Michael Henesch

Phone: 1-877-990-BRIS
Training: Formally certified as a Mohel in Jerusalem by Rabbi Yitzchok Lang and interned at Hadassah and Laniado Sanz Medical Center in Israel. 
Anesthesia: Contact for more information. 
Geographic area: Practices in Baltimore as well Columbia, Washington D.C., Virginia and New York.
Fee: Depends on location of bris. 
Additional information: Welcomes all Jewish families.

Rabbi Dani Kermaier

Phone: 410-402-0540
Training: R' Yosef Oren--One of the premier mohelim in Israel. 
Anesthesia: Natural
Geographic area: MD, DC, VA, PA
Fee: Depends on location of bris.
Additional information: Equal opportunity mohel, open to all, inclusive ceremony. 

Rabbi Moshe Rappaport

Phone: 410- 358-6560
Training: Spent a year in Israel in 1980-81 training by the world renowned mohel Rabbi Yosef Weissberg for Sha'arei Tzedek Hospital. 
Anesthesia: In some degrees are used.
Geographic area: All of Maryland.
Fee: Depends on location and in some cases insurance will reimburse. 
Additional information: Makes every attempt to accommodate all family situations. 

Rabbi Dr Tsvi G Schur 

Phone: 410-585-1344 or 443-929-1451
Training: Mt Sinai Hospital Cleveland.
Anesthesia: Wine 
Geographic area: Maryland ,DC , Virginia,PA.
Fee: Varies but a bris will never be refused if unable to pay.
Additional information: Will perform for an interfaith family based on certain criteria.