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The December Dilemma


Even if you and your partner have agreed to raise your kids with one religion, the extended family is a different story. Here's how we made it clear to my family that we don't celebrate Christmas.

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The December Dilemma


Navigating Holidays

The Interfaith MessageThe Interfaith Message
Are we sending the wrong message about interfaith families?
On Celebrating Both
A rabbi weighs in on the controversial subject.
The Santa Dreidel
It's a real thing--but should it be?

Milestones & Rituals

Welcoming Babies into Intermarried FamiliesWelcoming Babies into Intermarried Families
Choosing the right baby ceremony for your new addition.
I Want to Sit Shiva
I'm not Jewish, but this ritual really speaks to me.
Interfaith Prayers in the NICU
When my newborn daughter was sick, we got double the prayers.

Mixed Families

A Family with Multiple IdentitiesA Family with Multiple Identities
Lesbian parents, interfaith background, black adopted child. Now what?
My Chinese-American Marriage
I'm a Chinese American married to a Jew, but our marriage isn't a trend.
My Name is Rachel Stein...
But I am not a Jew. But people always assume I am.


Interfaith FamiliesInterfaith Families
Personal stories of Jewish-Christian Intermarriages.
Our Haggadah
Uniting Passover traditions for interfaith families.
The Interfaith Family Guidebook
Practical advice for Jewish and Christian partners.