Join us at EMJC for hands-on learning, cooking and eating for the holiday. Passover is about food. The seder plate and meal carry weighty symbolism, yet Passover food can be unkind to our stomachs and waistlines. Join us as we discuss the significance of the foods associated with Judaism's most-celebrated holiday and learn techniques for healthy and delicious kosher-for-Passover cooking. EMJC member Ora Warmflash and Rachel Saks MS, RD, co-founders of tABLE health (, will lead this tasty program. The class will feature these delicious, healthy Passover recipes: Italian Chestnut Charoset, Persian Charoset, Spiced Quinoa, and Chocolate Covered Coconut Macaroons. Bring your appetite for learning! $18.00 per person (age 13 and over; free for younger kids) Program is limited to 25 adults. Register by Thursday, March 7.

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