Shishi Israeli is a place where Israelis and American Jews create a shared
language around the Sabbath table. The full depth of unique, traditional, religious and secular aspects of Friday evening are expressed during the evening of song, discussion, and joint celebration that expands boundaries, beliefs, continents and
Shishi Israeli is a place where cultures and customs come together to bring people hand in hand. It is a place where music binds community and enables them to create a Shabbat experience that is both Jewish and unique, time-honored and fitting with the present.
Congregation Mount Sinai Synagogue combines the old and the new, the veteran generation and the current renewal. The synagogue is located on the border between Brooklyn Heights and Dumbo, a short walk from the bridge that connects Brooklyn to Manhattan and, like the bridge, it connects Israel to New York. Israeli Shabbat creates and expresses the bridge between the different places while emphasizing that which connects Israel and New York.
Musicians include: Arlene Gould, Daniel Ori, Hadar Noiberg, Dan Aran and Dan Nadel.

Israeli Shabbat is:
Home Ė the delicacies, the white table cloth, the family togetherness
A family shabbat experience that is absent when far from home
The songs of momís and dadís house
The quiet of Friday evening
Israeli Dinner
The songs of the Land of Israel

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