Let My People Go!...The 10 Plagues...Crossing the Sea...
Find Out What Happened Next...at the JWOW Shavuot Seder
Wednesday, May 15
6 - 8pm, $5/pp
Private Backyard in Stony Brook

Adults and Children (ages 5+) are Welcome!!
Be part of this new experience - No matzah for this holiday :)
Lisa Yorra, the creator of this Shavuot Seder, is in from Massachusetts and will lead it for us!!

Come participate in the Shavuot Seder, the sequel to the Passover story.
We will begin the evening with tasting the first fruits the Israelites ate. You will learn more about the holiday through story and music -- and donít forget about the special afikomen!
Our dinner will include blintzes and salad. Topped off with a sundae bar.

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