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May 21 2014

Mayim Bialik: Yes, I Have Regrets As A Mother

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Tova Ross’ post last week titled “Why Do So Many Moms Regret Having Kids?” really upset me. I respect her as a writer and mother and mean no disrespect to her in any way. She wrote about the recent internet “trend” (I hate to call it that; it’s more of a consequence of the internet existing as a place to share dark things anonymously I suppose) of women posting their regrets about having children. I believe that Tova meant well with her post, and she declared that she wasn’t sure what her point was, except to say that she felt sorry for women who have these regrets and even sorrier for their children. Ouch.

Tova acknowledged that she has sympathy for women who long for their single days, or long for time alone, but she recommends that if those thoughts are not “fleeting” then there may be something very wrong. Double ouch.

I read some of the comments posted in response to Tova’s piece on Kveller, and I was relieved to see women posting that they have regrets that are not fleeting, but that they don’t feel they are bad mothers because of it. I fear that a divorced woman such as myself has little right to share my thoughts on this topic, since if I express regrets, the reader might simply say, “Oh, well, her life didn’t turn out like she wanted, so of course she has regrets.” Read the rest of this entry →

May 19 2014

Mayim Bialik: My Honorary Degree From Boston University

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I got an honorary Doctorate of Humane Letters from Boston University this weekend. BU is the alma mater of Nina Tassler, one of my bosses at CBS, and it was a great honor to not only receive the degree, but I also gave the convocation address at the School of Fine Arts. The School of Fine Arts includes graduates with degrees in music, theater, and the visual arts.

My Macca-friend and his wife drove up from New York to be with me for the weekend, and I had my first ever totally Shabbat-observant hotel experience. This involved the front desk letting us into our rooms rather than us using electronic card keys, taking the stairs rather than the elevator everywhere we went (including a Graduate Women In Science and Engineering luncheon which was on the ninth floor of a campus building), and making kiddush and HaMotzi (the blessing for bread) in our hotel rooms.

It was a very fun weekend and it was also very emotional. Speaking for the graduate women in science and engineering was a particularly interesting part of the weekend, with me sharing my experience about gender bias and misogyny in academia and them nodding along in agreement, to the astonishment of some of the older professors who couldn’t believe that kind of stuff still goes on! Read the rest of this entry →

May 16 2014

Kveller Hits of the Week: May 12-16

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This week’s most popular posts, in case you missed them.Kveller-Hits-May-16

-Why Do So Many Moms Regret Having Kids? Tova was shocked to discover that many moms expressed regret over having children via an app that allows users to confess secrets anonymously. While many Kveller readers agreed that it is normal to have some ambivalence about motherhood, the consensus was that those doubts are usually fleeting.

-Your Old Mom Is No Longer Available–Try This One. Sick and tired of waiting on her children, one day this mama decided to stop. And guess what? It was fine. Many moms related with that sentiment.

Mayim Bialik: After My Nine-Day Raw & Juice Diet, I Feel Stronger Than Ever. The rest Mayim’s raw/juice diet went amazingly well–and her fans were with her every step of the way.

-Why I’m a Die-Hard Feminist Who Loves to be Domestic. For Emily, reading Judith Butler and baking her own zucchini bread is a triumph over her difficult childhood.

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May 15 2014

Mayim Bialik: Check Out This New Attachment Parenting Book by a Dad

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I get asked to blurb a lot of books. That is, people send me drafts of their books and ask me to give a comment to endorse and publicize the book. Mostly, I am asked to give quotes for books on attachment parenting. Sometimes I am asked to endorse books with Jewish themes or even cookbooks, now that I’ve written one.

I was recently asked to give a blurb for a book that it is a memoir of one parent’s experience in attachment parenting. It is written in concise and witty chapters which kept me really engaged and interested in this particular parent’s experience. The author is not afraid to take on the big hitters of the “conventional” styles of parenting which so many of us do not ascribe to with sound evidence, experience, and suggestions for navigating similar waters. It is simultaneously unapologetic, self-deprecating where appropriate, super funny, and incredibly thoughtful.

What sets it apart from the many books about parenting out there is that it’s written by a dad. Read the rest of this entry →

May 13 2014

Mayim Bialik: After My Nine-Day Raw & Juice Diet, I Feel Stronger Than Ever

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I know everyone is waiting to find out how my raw/juice cleanse went. Well, maybe not everyone. But some people. Including my parents. Hi, Mom and Dad.

I do not intend to disappoint you, so here’s how it all shook down.

As I discussed here last week, with the help of Daily Greens juices, I decided to participate in a juice cleanse with an emphasis on raw foods as I transitioned from juice. Days 1-3 went pretty well, with me consuming three juices a day, a raw dinner, and supplementing as needed with raw snacks or juices I made with my brand-new fancy centrifugal juicerRead the rest of this entry →

May 9 2014

Kveller Hits of the Week: May 5-9

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This week’s most popular posts, in case you missed them.Kveller-May-5-9.jpg

-Why I Tell My Daughter She’s Pretty, But Won’t Tell Her She’s Smart. Alina’s piece about why she tells her daughter she is pretty, but wants her to work hard to feel smart, had mixed reactions from readers.

-Mayim Bialik Meets the President. Mayim had to get this piece approved by the White House, and we’re glad she did. Many Kveller readers were moved by her intense experience meeting Barack and Michelle Obama.

-Why I Worry About Other Kids’ Food Allergies. Many parents expressed gratitude to Rachel for her thoughtful piece about why she purged her whole house of nuts before a play date with a child who had food allergies.

-As a Mom Who Suffered From Infertility, Mother’s Day is Bittersweet. For women trying to conceive, all the Mother’s Day hype can be painful. In this sweet post, Talia reminds us to be sensitive to those struggling with infertility as we celebrate motherhood.

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May 8 2014

Mayim Bialik Meets the President

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So I met the President last week.

As I see it, there are three kinds of people in this world: people who like the President and want to know what meeting him was like, people who dislike the President and want to know what meeting him was like, and people who dislike the President and therefore don’t want to know what meeting him was like.

It’s the third type of person that actually made it possible for me to get to meet him, since I attended a reception basically thanking people who helped the President’s Affordable Care Act enroll 8 million people in health care programs who previously had none–especially those of us who got flack from our fans for doing so. So third type of person: I get you, I get it, and thanks!  Read the rest of this entry →

May 6 2014

Mayim Bialik: Here Goes My Experiment With Juicing

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I am not one to follow trends. I dress however I want (when not in front of a camera), I don’t shave my legs (never have), I don’t watch TV or read any magazines to know what’s “hip” fashion-wise. I’m not trendy at all.

But there is a trend going on now in these here parts that I am partaking in (do trends even “go on”? I’m so not a trendy person, I don’t even know what to call it!).

I am juicing. Yup. Juicing. Mind you, I’m vegan, but I don’t always eat as healthy and clean as I want to. You can be vegan and still eat a lot of unhealthy processed foods. From time to time, ever since I had my second son, I have done a few days of raw eating here and there, and I’ve found it works wonders for resetting my digestive system and helping my palette reset so that I don’t crave salty and chocolate all the blessed minutes of every blessed day.  Read the rest of this entry →

May 2 2014

Kveller Hits of the Week: April 28-May 2

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This week’s most popular posts, in case you missed them.Kveller-hits-may-2

-How My Son Finally Opened Up About His Little Brother With Special Needs. Many readers were moved by this piece about a family learning to talk about and process their little brother’s Fragile X diagnosis.

-Watch the Entire “Frozen” Soundtrack in Hebrew. Naturally, this went viral. Because everything sounds better in Ivrit.

-Mayim Bialik: Watching “Prince of Egypt” With My Boys Made Me Cry–With Gratitude. Mayim’s take on the classic DreamWorks interpretation of Exodus. Many Kvellers agreed that the film was a great way to convey the Passover tale to children.

-What I Won’t Teach My Kids About The Holocaust. Tamar’s brave and honest look at how we pass on the legacy of the Holocaust to the next generation sparked an important conversation in the comments section.

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Apr 30 2014

Mayim Bialik: Watching “Prince of Egypt” With My Boys Made Me Cry–With Gratitude

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My sons are 5.5 and 8. As I have discussed on Kveller before, I don’t watch TV and my sons had not seen TV until their dad showed them some Sesame Street-type stuff a few years ago on his iPad. I had–and still have–no interest in watching TV with my kids. I don’t have time to deal with the fights children have with parents about wanting to watch more, or a particular show, or buying the toys that the advertising industry jams down our kids’ throats–basically, I want nothing to do with it.

Now that I am divorced, I have to accept in new ways that my son’s father may do things in his house which I don’t do in my house and that’s got to be okay. He shows them TV. They don’t watch a lot, and we discuss what they watch, but I simply don’t show them any TV. I don’t have cable, so my TV is for watching movies and that’s all.

My boys have seen a few movies on their dad’s TV, and they have been very simple classic movies. I’ve watched a few at their dad’s house with them. We recently all went on a divorced family field trip to take our boys to their first in-theater experience, “The LEGO Movie,” which was awesome. (Here’s my post about it!) Read the rest of this entry →

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