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Sep 12 2013

Mayim Bialik Emmys Update: The Dress, The Shoes, The Sanity

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mayim bialik emmy dress update 2013As the countdown to the Emmys nears, it’s time for an Emmy outfit update. Heads up: Sukkot starts the Wednesday night before the Emmys, so once yontif (holiday) begins, you won’t hear from me again until after the Emmys! Here’s your update for the week before the week before the Emmys!

Oliver Tolentino and his crew are happily crafting my custom gown and I had a second fitting for it this week. I had lost weight which makes no sense since I literally approached Rosh Hashanah as if preparing for a famine, God forbid, or an ultra-marathon. I ate like it was my full-time vocation. And yet I lost weight. Maybe my stomach thought it was Opposite Day.

Onto the update. Read the rest of this entry →

Sep 4 2013

Top 5 Things On My Mind This Rosh Hashanah

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mayim bialik rosh hashanah 2013The Jewish New Year is upon us. I don’t know about you, but the High Holidays really snuck up on me this year. Perhaps because they came a month earlier than usual (our lunar calendar is due for the solar correction of an extra month next year), or perhaps because this has been such a big year for me full of changes and busyness; I don’t know. They just snuck up on me.

That being said, here are the Top 5 Things On My Mind this Rosh Hashanah. Some are Rosh Hashanah-related, some are not.

1. My first son was born between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur and bears the middle name “Rosh” in Hebrew because of that. Every year since I was pregnant with him, I make a plum cobbler with plums from my mother-in-law’s plum tree and freeze it to eat on his birthday. This year, because of the Jewish calendar being so early, his Hebrew birthday falls about five weeks before his secular one. Read the rest of this entry →

Aug 26 2013

Mayim Bialik’s Hunt for the 2013 Emmys Dress Continues

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mayim bialik emmys searching for dress 2013Have you forgotten it’s Emmy season? Well, I haven’t. Besides being nominated for the second time for a Supporting Actress Emmy, which is still blowing my mind, I couldn’t forget it’s Emmy season if I tried because I have to find a flippin’ dress and I have not found one yet and I don’t really dig this aspect of awards season or life.

It would be an understatement to say that there are more important things going on in the world than this dress, and it’s actually hard to keep writing about dresses with the situation in Egypt, the chemical attacks in Syria, and Chelsea Manning (nee Bradley–wow), but I am an entertainer, and I am part of the complexity of the entertainment world and if you are reading this, in your own way, you are too. And that’s fine. We’re all good.

So. Read the rest of this entry →

Aug 15 2013

Heading Back to Work on Season 7 of The Big Bang Theory

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mayim bialik on big bang theory season 6The Big Bang Theory” went back into production this week on our seventh season. Although I have only been a regular cast member since season four, I feel a huge part of this amazing cast and show, especially as we head into this new season nominated for an Outstanding Comedy Emmy.

What does it look like when I go back to work? Well, it’s a lot like the first day back at school. I am excited to see my friends and co-workers, and our staff and crew, and I am also a little nervous… It’s a lot of hugging and catching up and smiling and chit-chatting and I’m not the most socially smooth person. Read the rest of this entry →

Aug 8 2013

Mayim Bialik on Getting Ready for the 2013 Emmys

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mayim bialik nominated for second consecutive emmy 2013As many of you know, I received my second Emmy nomination a few weeks ago for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy for my work on “The Big Bang Theory.” It’s been very exciting, even–especially!?–the second time around. It means lots of interviews, lots of excitement for our show, which was also nominated, my co-nominee Jim Parsons, who was also nominated, and it’s just crazy exciting all over town.

It also means something that many women love to think about but which I famously don’t: finding a dress. And getting dressed up like a princess. And hair being styled and make-up being done and jewelry being selected and shoes and a purse and blah blah blah blah. None of that stuff thrills me. I am a tomboy, I am grumpy, I have not had a manicure in maybe 10 years, I don’t like pampering, and I hate sitting in one place for more than five minutes.

Anyway. Read the rest of this entry →

Jul 19 2013

Exclusive: Mayim Bialik on Learning of Her Second Consecutive Emmy Nomination

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mayim bialik nominated for second consecutive emmy 2013Oh my goodness. I got nominated for another Emmy. Whaaaa?!

I am as shocked as if you told me that Chuck Lorre had been nominated for a Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy Emmy. Why am I so shocked? I don’t know; I’ll ask my therapist. I just am! I was certain I would not be nominated.

Here’s how it all shook down. This past week, my boys and I were staying at my mother-in-law’s house in San Jose. Yes, I’m divorced, but I can’t call her my “ex mother-in-law.” It sounds too weird and we love each other and love the boys and it’s all so good and fine and it was a great week. So that’s that.

I knew Emmy nominations were being announced and of course my BFF who is in Israel for six weeks remembered, because she woke me at 5:30 a.m. with a phone call from atop some citadel in the middle of Israel whispering, “Did you get nominated?” I disentangled myself from my sleeping boys and whispered back, “I don’t know!”

I started cruising the internet to discover that the announcements had actually just begun. I debated watching the announcements streaming live on my phone but felt too pathetic to do so, since I was so certain I wasn’t being nominated and it just seemed it would be too darn sad to not hear my name called, even though I had convinced myself it wouldn’t be; I guess there is always a shred of the human spirit that wants to triumph against cognitive reasoning! Read the rest of this entry →

Jul 18 2013

Mayim Bialik Nominated for Second Consecutive Emmy!

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What do a dead baby bird, Pringles, and a tantruming 4-year-old have in common? Mayim’s 2nd Emmy nomination! Stay tuned for the whole story tomorrow. And then stay tuned for another series of posts on her search for the perfect modest Emmy dress.

In the meantime, join us in wishing her one giant MAZEL TOV!

mayim bialik nominated for emmy 2013

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Oct 3 2012

When Faith Unravels

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Mayim Bialik Faith Unravels

Mayim wrote the forward to this book on death and faith.

As I told you I would, I visited my grandparents’ graves for Kever Avot, “honoring our ancestors,” the morning of the Emmys. This service is held at my grandparents’ cemetery on the Sunday between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, which this year landed on Emmy Sunday.

My fancy assistant Brandon drove me (since I can’t yet drive because of my accident) and in addition to being Brandon’s first Kever Avot experience, it was also his first trip to an Orthodox Jewish cemetery. The “refreshments” they served before the service did not disappoint, and Brandon really enjoyed what I think to be the finest kosher bakery cookie in existence: the lacy one dipped in chocolate with the whole hazelnuts in it. Delicious.

The service was led by a New York-accented Modern Orthodox-looking Rabbi in his late 50s or early 60s and he gave a really nice sermon about forgiveness between God and humans (easy) and human and humans (very very hard). I went to my grandparents’ graveside and had some really meaningful time there. It was a wonderful way to start the year, not to mention the crazy Emmy day.

The Jewish New Year is joyous and exciting. But as we head out of the Yizkor (Remembrance of the Dead service) of Yom Kippur and into the fall holidays of Sukkot and Shemini Atzeret I can’t help but think of the significance of the Yizkor experience and how Judaism connects new beginnings to endings. Judaism rarely has us simply kicking up our heels just because; we always seem to incorporate into all holidays and celebrations the notion and acknowledgment that life is uncertain, the Temple is still in need of rebuilding and our world is still in need of repair.

I wrote the forward to a book just published called Faith Unravels and it feels like the time is now to discuss it. It was written by a friend of mine who I met at UCLA Hillel when he was a Rabbinic intern there. The book is a very personal and beautiful memoir that deals squarely with death and feelings about death from the perspective of a Rabbi who lost two people close to him and felt his faith, well…unravel. I’m including the website here and I strongly recommend this book for anyone curious about Jewish perspectives on death, rituals of grief and mourning, or how a devoted and thoughtful Rabbi handles doubt, grief, and life in the face of death. It is not depressing per se, but it is deep, emotional, and very moving (Spoiler alert: he gets his faith back).

I love celebrating the start of the Jewish New Year, but I also like to make this time of the year one of reflection and depth, and not just on Yom Kippur. This book helped me do that in a very powerful way. I hope you will check it out and I hope you will be as moved by it as I was.

Sep 27 2012

Mayim at the Emmys: The Dress, the Jewelry, The Hand & More

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mayim bialik and bill prady emmys 2012

With TBBT executive producer, Bill Prady.

It’s not new news that I’m moderately fashion-challenged. The search for this year’s Emmy dress, which went incredibly smoothly by all accounts, was still a real challenge for someone who generally wears mostly black, right down to my Converse.

Being nominated for an Emmy, however, required me to allow my stylist and hair and makeup artist and publicist and manager to share and have a vote in decisions from what my dress would look like, what shoes I would wear, what color my nails should be, what jewelry I should wear, and even what purse I should hold on the red carpet. Oh, yeah: we also had to decide what we would do about my injured right hand since I still wear a compression glove and splint everyday.

Here’s how Emmy night shook down. Read the rest of this entry →

Sep 25 2012

Emmys 2012 Recap: Mayim & Family Get Sick

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mayim bialik melissa rauch emmys 2012

With castmate Melissa Rauch. Note my red nose. I'm sick.

Thank you everyone for your support and good wishes as I headed into the Emmys. They meant a lot to me.

As you’ve come to expect from me, here’s what Emmy Sunday really looked like from the mama-perspective.

My Kid is Sick

He’s got a cold. He got it two days after he was in the kid’s room during Rosh Hashanah services. I’m just saying.

He got sick Thursday and normally I’m the martyr mama who says, “Let me take your sickness away, I’ll take it on, breathe on me!” Well, this time, with the Emmys two days away, my instinct was to instead say–from 15 feet away–“Sleep with your father and brother; mama can’t get sick!” Read the rest of this entry →

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