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Aug 6 2014

Mayim Bialik: The Emmy Awards Are Coming & I Need a Dress!

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With all of the Israel news this past month, I almost forgot that the Emmys are coming up and that I’m nominated. I knew they were on the horizon, but all of a sudden, they are less than a month away! Eeeeek!

I have decided to do a post a week about the Emmy goings-on to keep you updated about the dress, the jewelry, the shoes, and all of the appropriate insights I may (or may not) have. This is not to detract from the serious events going on in Israel, Syria, Iraq, or anywhere else, but I know there has been interest in the past in my Emmy journey so I will continue to write about it!

It’s very exciting and it’s a huge honor to be nominated. I have waxed poetic here for the past three years about how humbling and unbelievable it is to me–the grandchild of Eastern European immigrants–that I am nominated for the highest award in my industry. Every year I have been nominated has knocked me on my proverbial tuchus–I really can’t believe it. Read the rest of this entry →

Jan 9 2014

What Mayim Bialik Learned From Her Day as a Model

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mayim bialik regard magazine fashion shoot

As many of you know, a fashion-y photo shoot recently came out in Regard Magazine (it begins on page 110). I’ve never done a shoot like this before and, who knows, I may never do one like this again. In all seriousness, my shoot with Regard Magazine was very efficient (we did about 15 looks in under three hours).

For many reasons which I won’t go into, this is not the kind of shoot I’m normally asked to do, and I would definitely file this one under “outside of my comfort zone.” The stylist did a great job finding fairly modest dresses, and with the exception of a few hemlines and a few adjustments of slits, I’m pretty pleased with the amount of skin covered up. Here are the things that every model knows, which I didn’t know, but learned during my shoot.

1. Suck in your gut at all times.

Without exception, the photographer reminded me every two clicks of the camera to suck in my stomach. Apparently the goal is to make people think you’re skinnier than you even are. Read the rest of this entry →

Nov 6 2013

Dressing Your Kids Doesn’t Have to Be a Battlefield

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mayim bialik dressing kids doesn't have to be a battlefield

This post in response to Tamar Fox’s blog post “The Great Fashion Debate with My 5-Year-Old Step-Daughter” that ran on Kveller yesterday.


I have tremendous respect for you as a stepmom to a 5-year-old girl. I have no experience with girls or being a stepmom, and I applaud you for all of your awesome mommying.

However. Several things jumped out at me from your post about wanting to control how she dresses that I wanted to weigh in on. Disclaimer: I come from a family of snazzy dressers. Sometimes my parents dressed super unusually, but they were really snazzy dressers always and they encouraged me to have my own style and be as funky as I wanted to be. My sons are 5 and 8 and they love clothing. They are very particular about what they wear, and they have definite ideas of what’s “snazzy” for them. I love it. I have clothes for them they only wear on Shabbat, and when we see plays or go to kids’ birthday parties, my sons are always encouraged to wear slacks and dress shirts, or “dress jeans” and dress shirts. I love clothes and I understand the importance of clothes. Even though I have boys.

So. Here are the four things that your post made me think about: Read the rest of this entry →

Sep 30 2013

What Mayim Bialik’s Sons Thought of Her (And Everybody Else’s) Emmys Look

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mayim bialik emmys 2013 close upThe 2013 Emmys are a week behind us, and their impact has abated but not subsided. I am still getting a lot of “Sorry you lost!” comments and emails and such, as well as lots of “I loved your dress!” comments and emails and such.

Neither I nor my boys’ father reminded them it was the Emmys last weekend. Sure, they knew I was nominated, but beyond that day when I found out while we were in San Jose and had vegan doughnuts to celebrate, I don’t think they thought too much about it.

This past weekend, though, I mentioned that I wanted their thoughts on my Emmy dress for a Kveller post. My older son who is almost 8 asked, “Did you win the Emmy?”

“No,” I replied. Read the rest of this entry →

Aug 22 2012

My Night Among the Emmy Nominated Stars

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mayim bialik emmy nominee reception kveller.comMonday night I made my first red carpet appearance since my accident. It was an Emmy nominee reception hosted by the people who actually vote for who wins the Emmys.

I’m going to be honest. Monday was a rough day, recovery-wise. I almost didn’t go but went for a few reasons. First, it’s a fantastic opportunity to schmooze with the people who will potentially vote for me to win the award. Second, I saw it as an opportunity to prepare for a night of filming, which would be the next night, in terms of staying awake past 7 p.m., which I had yet to do since the accident. And finally, I had an awesome Tadashi Shoji dress already picked out and we all know you can’t disappoint your stylist.

The evening was a tremendous success, both professionally and personally. Here are my highlights.

1. Getting dressed. It normally takes me one hour flat to get ready. Monday night, I left myself two hours since things I took for granted, such as putting on my own SPANX, takes a longer time when someone else is doing it, especially when the SPANXer and the SPANXee are giggling hysterically. We got me out the door lookin’ pretty sharp and all I could think was: we put Humpty Dumpty back together. Read the rest of this entry →

Mar 20 2012

A PowerPoint Presentation Tells Me How to Dress

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mayim bialik what not to wearWe all know I am fashion challenged. No, it’s not just because in an industry of less-is-more, I keep to some standards of tznius. And no, it’s not that I am vegan and don’t wear leather shoes or leather belts. It’s more that I don’t have a strong sense of vanity or ego and I just don’t think about my body that much. I lived quite happily this way until “What Not To Wear” snatched me up and publicly made me over about three years ago.

Now that I am acting full-time again and find myself going to publicity events and red carpet events and things like the Emmys and book tours, I have finally found that I need to have a stylist I can call on to help me. After much searching and hysteria on my part, I finally found a stylist I love. I have gushed about her on Kveller before, but while I was in New York for the book tour a few weeks ago, Alison M. Kahn outdid herself. Read the rest of this entry →

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