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Apr 4 2014

Kvellers IRL: Mayim Bialik & Carla Naumburg

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We love when Kveller writers become friends with each other over the internet, and it’s even sweeter when they get to hang out in real life! Here’s Mayim, who was in Boston with Texas Instruments promoting “Stem Behind Hollywood” with Kveller contributing editor Carla Naumburg (whose forthcoming book on mindful parenting is now available for pre-order on Amazon!).

Mayim Bialik & Carla Naumurg

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Aug 22 2013

Meet Mayim Bialik, The Babysitter

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mayim bialik blog for kvellerFor the first time ever, I took care of someone else’s kids for a full 24 hours. It actually turned out to be more like 28 hours, but who’s counting?

The kids in question were one of my closest homeschooling mama friend’s daughters. The girls are 8 and almost 6 and I have known them since their mom and I met in prenatal yoga when we were pregnant with our firstborns. She and her husband went away for a night for their 10 year anniversary. My sons were with their dad for the night.

Was I scared? Darn straight. These girls are like nieces to me, and I adore them. But they are also very different from my boys and this terrified me. They are very independent (they wash their own hair in the shower!?), very adventurous (swimming deep into the ocean at the beach with no need to even look back at the shore for long stretches of time) and–oh, did I not mention this yet? THEY ARE GIRLS. And I have boys. I was terrified. Read the rest of this entry →

Mar 28 2013

Happy Birthday to Jim Parsons, A True Mentsch

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mayim bialik paleyfest 2013 big bang theoryTwo weeks ago, the cast of The Big Bang Theory participated in a panel discussion with the creators and executive producers of our show for the PaleyFest in Beverly Hills. It was an opportunity for us to be interviewed in front of about 500 fans, and the panel was broadcast all over the country and internet as well. We took questions from the audience, as well as from the moderator, Pauley Perrette (from “NCIS”).

There was a red carpet before and the event tends to be on the casual side, but since I don’t wear pants and my idea of casual is a denim skirt, black 3/4 T-shirt and Payless flats, I was nervous about what to wear, since I tend to inevitably look overdressed because of my tznius (modesty) choices. I barely understood why stylist Ali told me to wear what I wore, but my outfit got rave reviews. Go figure. (If I learned one thing from my make-over on “What Not To Wear,” it was to not trust myself in anything fashion-related and listen to someone who can be trusted.)  Read the rest of this entry →

About Mayim

Mayim Bialik is the grandchild of immigrants from Eastern Europe and the mother of two young boys. She is best known for her lead role in the 1990s NBC sitcom Blossom, as well as her current role as Amy Farrah Fowler on CBS' The Big Bang Theory.

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