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Mar 29 2014

Kveller Hits of the Week: March 23-28

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 This week’s most popular posts, in case you missed them.March-28

-Kveller Story About Boy’s Leg Amputation Gets the Media Spotlight. Two Kveller posts made viral status this week. The first was the incredible story of Amit Vigoda, who, due to a chronic orthopedic condition, begged his mom to have his leg amputated. The story got picked up by ABC NewsFOX NewsCNNDaily Mail, and New York Daily News. 

-The second story, which went viral this week on social media, was Alina Adam‘s smart commentary on why New York City’s top high school only accepted seven black students this year and why the school’s controversial admissions test should stay.

-If You Don’t Vaccinate, Keep Your Kids Away From My Baby. This topic ignited a heated debate in the comments section. Vaccinations are on everyone’s mind now because of the recent measles outbreak in New York City.

-Mayim Bialik: Here’s to Those Who Empower People with Special Needs. Mayim explained how her father, a public school teacher, inspired her to support organizations that empower people with special needs. Many readers connected deeply with this piece and appreciated Mayim’s shoutout for the cause.

-After Much Thought, We Finally Made a Decision About Jewish Day School. Kveller contributing editor Carla Naumberg and her husband spent a long time deliberating about whether or not to send their daughter to day school. Many Kvellers related to Carla’s struggle and applauded her decision.

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Mar 21 2014

Kveller Hits of the Week: March 17-21

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 This week’s most popular posts, in case you missed them.hits-march17

-Though I Dropped Orthodoxy, This Passover I Will Celebrate with My Orthodox Wife & Kids. Many were moved by this story about an Orthodox dad who lost his faith, but is determined to keep his family together. Find out how he and his wife explain their new family arrangement to their young daughters.

-Mayim Bialik: My Boys Finally Had Their First Movie Theater Experience. Mayim has come around on the whole “no movies” thing. She saw “The Lego Movie” with The Ex and her boys and it was so great it made her cry!

-What Not To Say to Your Friend Who is Adopting. This post touched a nerve in many readers, especially those struggling with fertility issues and considering adoption. Carrie tackles misconceptions and offers some suggestions about what people CAN say to a friend who is adopting.

-Forget the Vacuum Cleaner: 10 Things Moms Actually Need in Minivans. Apparently Jordana is not the only mom who is unsatisfied with the features available in modern minivans. Many readers approved of Jordana’s proposed “slapping arm” and “Purell-dispensing door handles.”

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Mar 14 2014

Kveller Hits of the Week: Feb 10-14

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 This week’s most popular posts, in case you missed them.


-When Your Friend is Pregnant, Sometimes it Hurts. Inspired by last week’s postby Rachel Minkowsky about struggling to find the words to comfort a friend who is struggling with infertility, Rabbi Carrie Vogel wrote this thoughtful response, which spoke to the experience of many readers.

-Can a Christian Mother Raise a Jewish Child? Yes, but It’s Complicated. There was a great response to this lovely piece by Eleanor Harrison about her daughter’s experience in Jewish Day School and straddling the line between Judaism and Christianity.

-Mayim Bialik: After An Abnormal Week, A Normal Weekend With My Boys. Everyone adored the photos of Mayim’s VERY normal weekend, especially when a jar of tomato sauce refused to cooperate. We’ve all been there.

-Choosing to Have My Son’s Leg Amputated Was The Most Difficult Decision I’ve Ever Made. This incredible story about a boy and his mom and dad collectively deciding to have his leg amputated, moved many readers. Some parents who have had to make similar choices for  their children chimed in with words of support.

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Mar 7 2014

Kveller Hits of the Week: March 2-7

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This week’s most popular posts, in case you missed them.hits-march2

-Mayim Bialik: Despite Findings of the Latest Study, Breast is Still Best. Predictably, there was a huge response to Mayim’s rebuttal to Jordana’s post about the latest breastfeeding sibling study, which suggests that breastfeeding benefits were overstated.

-Every Time My Son Eats a Cheeseburger at Daycare, It Makes My Mother Cringe. This piece about the reifications of keeping kosher in the home touched a nerve in readers. What do you do when your child’s daycare serves cheeseburgers for lunch?

-Minimalist Parenting: Another Trend I Don’t Have the Time For. Many readers chimed about this frugal parenting fad. According to Elissa Strauss, even scouring free stuff comes with a price.

-How Can I Comfort My Friend Struggling with Infertility? This thoughtful piece by Rachel Minkowsky about trying to relate to her close friend who is struggling to conceive generated a lot of discussion on Facebook and the Raising Kvell blog.

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Feb 21 2014

Kveller Hits of the Week: Feb 18-21

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This week’s most popular posts, in case you missed them.0hits

-Top 7 Highlights from Mayim Bialik’s Appearance on “Real Time with Bill Maher.” Mayim reflects in on her recent appearance on Bill Maher, during which they discussed–in addition to her new cookbook–controversial topics such as attachment parenting, Gwyneth Paltrow, and whether the Torah is wicked.

-My Daughter Wants To Know Who Her Father Is. Many readers connected with Shaindy’s moving account about what it is like to raise her daughter alone, without the help of her daughter’s dad. On filling the roles of both mother and father.

-My Local Kosher Market is Closing & I’m Part of the Reason Why. Cara’s piece about the shuttering of West Hartford’s beloved kosher supermarket struck a chord with Jewish residents of West Hartford and elsewhere who have watched their local Kosher food providers fold to corporate giants like Target and Wal-mart.

-Managing Motherhood & Depression Means Asking For Help. Risa wrote a wonderful essay about managing clinical depression while raising her daughter–and knowing when to ask for help.

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Feb 7 2014

Hits of the Week from Kveller: February 3-7

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This week’s most popular posts, in case you missed them.


-Two-kid world vs. Orthodox World. A fascinating pair of posts this week explore the challenges of having a large family when societal expectations differ wildly from place to place. Jordana described how her suburban New Jersey enclave does understand or even try to accommodate her five-kid brood, while Ruchi responded with her experiences raising seven children in an Orthodox community, where large families are the norm.

-Ten Ways Winter Makes Moms Feel Crappy About Themselves.  Tamara’s post about all the inevitable kid disasters that occur in winter that make us feel like substandard parents resonated with a lot of readers. Between gloves that never stay on, germaphobia, and endless T.V. marathons, this winter just won’t let up! Stay warm, people–we’ll get through this together.

-Mayim Heads to Kentucky for her Biggest Speaking Engagement Yet. The actress talks acting, academia and neuroscience at Morehead State University for 3000 people. She also jogged in frigid temperatures!

-My Son on the Autistic Spectrum is Going to Day School. Benay shares her success at mainstreaming her little boy into a Jewish day school, despite her earlier predictions. This week, he celebrated his first siddur ceremony–Mazel Tov, Benay!

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Jan 10 2014

Hits of the Week from Kveller: Jan 6 – 10

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    This week’s most popular posts, in case you missed them.


What Mayim Bialik Learned From Her Day as a Model. Mayim isn’t one to do many glamour shots, but for this photographer, she obliged. Here she shares five things she learned during her magazine photo shoot.

Tell Your Friends #WhatILikeAboutYou. Jordana took part in a Facebook movement this week when she wrote a compliment for each friend that “liked” her status. Her piece reminds us that the simple act of giving a compliment is so valued, and shouldn’t be so rare.

Infertility is Not a Competition. Risa shares her story of getting IVF, inculcating that the sisterhood bond of “infertility” should not include one-upping each other with an “I had a worse IVF experience than you” story.

Oh, The Wacky Adjustments I Make For My Baby.  All first time mama’s can relate to Ilana’s story of going above and beyond for their baby, which of course, compromises her and her husband’s sleep and eating habits.

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Jan 3 2014

Hits of the Week from Kveller: Dec 30 – Jan 3

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   This week’s most popular posts, in case you missed them.

PicMonkey Collage

Top 10 Most Popular Kveller Posts of 2013. Happy New Year! We rounded up the 10 most widely read Kveller posts of 2013; from placentas to bar mitzvahs and so much more.

Mayim Bialik and the Kids Take Israel. Mayim decided to take her sons to Israel for 10 days, and she shares her plans for hummus, time at the Kotel, and meeting a fellow Kvellerite.

Finally a Disney Movie That’s Not About Boy-Girl Love. Tova took her son to a snowy movie showing of Disney’s Frozen, and was pleased to find out this wasn’t a typical boy-saves-girl princess story. Disney finally gets it right!

The Day of a Thousand Parenting Fails. Jordana, mom of five, has one of those days filled with total disorganization and self-deprecating moments.

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Dec 20 2013

Hits of the Week from Kveller: Dec 16 – 20

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  This week’s most popular posts, in case you missed them.

PicMonkey Collage

Superman Sam & The Power of Social Media. Ken Gordon shares his heartfelt reaction to the death of 8-year-old boy Samuel Sommer, and the connection he built with “Superman Sam” by following his story on social media.

Three Reasons Mayim Isn’t Bummed About Not Celebrating Christmas. Mayim appreciates the merriment of Christmas, but is more than pleased with the amount of Jewish holidays she gets to observe. Read three reasons she is cool with being a non-Christmas mama.

How My Mom Friends Became My Real Friends. When Jen had a baby, she was advised like many others to find “mom friends.” Guess what? She did, and now they are life long and irreplaceable.

The Day Two Women at the Dollar Store Changed My Way of Thinking. After overhearing a conversation in the supermarket about a mother who wasn’t getting enough formula through WIC, Sharrona felt over-privileged and angered. Her piece calls attention to the number of mother’s struggling just to nourish their child.

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Dec 13 2013

Hits of the Week from Kveller: Dec 8 -13

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 This week’s most popular posts, in case you missed them.


Five Reasons Why Mayim Bialik Doesn’t Believe in Sleep Training. Mayim tells us five reasons she doesn’t believe in sleep training, and recommends some alternative ways to deal with your kids’ sleep.

Let’s Help NPR Find The Owner of This Bat Mitzvah T-Shirt from 1993. This week NPR announced a search for a 1993 Bat Mitzvah T-shirt they found in a market in Africa. We helped in cracking the case, and got a spotlight on MSNBC!

36 Rabbis Are Shaving Their Heads for Pediatric Cancer Research. A group of more than 36 rabbis are joining together to shave their heads in a bold effort to support pediatric cancer research. The fundraiser is spearheaded by Kveller contributor, Rabbi Rebecca Schorr.

I’ve Been Talking to My Son About Death Since the Day He Was Born. Jennifer makes a powerful case for telling your children about their beloved family members that have passed at an early age, as opposed to shielding them from the scary and inevitable conversation about death.

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