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Jan 7 2013

Mayim Bialik on Steubenville & The Horrors of Rape

By at 2:28 pm

I’m at a loss for words. I know, Mayim-who-never-runs-out-of-things-to-say has run out of things to say. Well, that’s not entirely true. I have a lot to say, but I’m not sure what to write about here.

A lot has happened since my divorce announcement, some of which I have written about here. I had jury duty. My boys went out of town with their dad. I cleaned the house. My hand got sore and swollen all over again.

But last week was the first week ever that I have not written two posts for Kveller. Because I didn’t know what to write about. Sure, my kids have done cute things. Fred has started talking up a storm. He asks neat questions. Miles shows signs of tenderness that I never knew 7-year-olds could show. Why not write about that? Read the rest of this entry →

About Mayim

Mayim Bialik is the grandchild of immigrants from Eastern Europe and the mother of two young boys. She is best known for her lead role in the 1990s NBC sitcom Blossom, as well as her current role as Amy Farrah Fowler on CBS' The Big Bang Theory.

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