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Feb 22 2013

Double Tendinitis, Purim Chaos & More from Mayim

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mayim bialik tendinitis I have so many posts that I want to write. I’m going to write a post about the Super Bowl promo that the cast of The Big Bang Theory did. (I wore a football uniform that did not involve a football skirt since they don’t exist.) I’m going to write a post about where I’m at in this divorce mess. I also am going to write a post about what it’s like having a fancy assistant.

For now, however, I’m not going to write those posts because I continue to have tendinitis and now it’s in both hands. So Fancy Assistant Brandon is typing while I dictate and while he’s a very good typist and pleasant to be around, it’s really a major bummer to not be able to use my hands.   Read the rest of this entry →

Apr 16 2012

What I Learned This Passover

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kosher for passover coke certificate1. Mission Possible. You CAN survive with no animal products, no kitniyot, and no gebrocht (soaked matzah). It just means a LOT of salads, quinoa, and soup.

2. Tableware. Plastic tablecloth coverings are excellent for covering counters. And if you are cheap like me, you’ll be happy to know that they wipe down super easy and fold up super thin for use next year!

3. Lo-tech. Being driven to work and not using any phones or computers (so as to violate as few halachot [traditional Jewish laws] as possible at a job that does not give off for Pesach) really makes me feel like the way I function on a normal workday is a hectic crazy mess of nonstop calls, emails, and insanity. It is! Read the rest of this entry →

Apr 11 2012

Matzah Cracker Funny Faces

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You’ve seen my fruit faces. Now I present to you… matzah cracker faces! Who says you shouldn’t play with your (kosher for Passover) food?

matzah funny faces mayim bialik

Apr 10 2012

Kosher for Passover at the Big Bang

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Here’s what I ate for lunch on set yesterday: Mango quinoa, charoses, matzoh and margarine. Yum!

mayim bialik kosher for passover lunch

Apr 9 2012

Post-Seder Reflections

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vegetable soup in pot

Here’s what’s been on my mind since our Passover seder experience over the weekend:

1. Opinionated Kids. Children parented with gentle discipline will give their adorable little opinions all the time, since they know their voice matters and that even if the universe doesn’t change for them, they have a right to state their preferences and be heard. And since we can’t threaten time-outs, no dessert, or them being sent to bed as a punishment, small people will kind of give their sweet little opinions throughout the seder. Granted, he used a polite and gentle voice most of the time, but hearing a 6-year-old repeatedly ask to “get to the fun stuff already” from urchatz (ritual hand washing) on got a bit old by yachatz (middle matzah is broken).

2. Gluten-Free.   Read the rest of this entry →

Apr 4 2012

My Passover Rant

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Can I eat my quinoa or not?

We’re all thinking of things that are annoying us/infuriating us as we prepare for Pesach. I’m going to do you the favor of making you feel justified in your indignation and in unity with other similarly-frantic preparing women. Here are my 10 things that are NOT working for me as I prepare for Pesach 2012:

1. Not enough Pesachdik (kosher for Passover) baking dishes.

2. Pesach knife not sharp enough.

3. Husband not helpful enough. Read the rest of this entry →

Apr 2 2012

Vegan Kosher for Passover Recipes

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mini potato kugelsSure, finding great food to eat during Passover when you’re also a vegan can be a little trying, but it’s not impossible. Here are my three favorite recipes that are kosher for Passover, vegan, and totally delicious. Bon appetit!

1. Mini Potato Kugels – They’re cute, easy to make, and even easier to enjoy.

2. Eggplant Casserole – I’m not even an eggplant kind of girl, but I love this dish.

3. Chocolate Truffle Pie – Hello, it’s chocolate! And utterly to die for.

Mar 26 2012

Cleaning for Passover, Missing My Bubbe

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mayim bialik grandmother

My grandmother.

I’ve started cleaning for Passover, have you? I started with some small things: setting aside what needs to be consumed before April 6 (how many challahs can I make with 20 lbs of flour?), making a dent in the scrubbing…just getting in the mood for purging my entire house of hametz before going to work on the next episode of The Big Bang Theory. Standard stuff, you know how it is.

I miss my grandmother today. She was a woman who really knew how to clean. Give that 5- foot-tall, 5-foot-wide Hungarian balabusta a sponge in a kitchen and by nigthfall, the sink would take on a luster unseen before her thick hands set to it. My grandmother lived a life of cleaning and cooking and sewing and caretaking in an apartment in the Bronx with my grandfather, his father (who had active Tuberculosis, by the way), and three daughters, the middle of whom was my mother. My mother learned to cook and clean from her mother, and passed on those skills to me. We spent many pleasant and productive Type-A Personality hours cleaning and organizing and washing my dolls’ clothes and darning socks (any other 36-year-old out there have a memory of darning socks on a wooden darning egg!? Didn’t think so!). It was a special time for us, and when I watched my grandmother clean our house when she visited, I saw myself and my mother as part of a long line of cleaning and cooking women who were destined to greatness in our own way. Read the rest of this entry →

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