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Aug 20 2013

Zombies, Calculators & More Back to School Fun with Mayim Bialik

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abc on the red carpet mayim bialikI just wrapped up the Back to School campaign I do with Texas Instruments and I thought I would share some highlights.

The campaign this year is called “STEM Behind Hollywood” and what we did was we took concepts and ideas kids already see and know and love in Hollywood (zombies, superheroes, space, and forensics) to get them excited about STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). is the website for our campaign and we have free (free!) downloadable activities for the TI-Nspire CX graphing calculator as well as iPad apps that explain the real science and math behind these Hollywood concepts.

Starting with zombies, I got to meet and work with Dr. Steve Schlozman, author of The Zombie Autopsies: Secret Notes from the Apocalypse. Dr. Steve is actually a child psychiatrist but since he was a kid he has loved zombies. He wrote this fascinating fictional book about what it would be like for an actual doctor to study and analyze zombies and now they are turning his book into a movie. Read the rest of this entry →

May 17 2013

I’m Not Trying to Lose a Pound or Two, No Matter What that Interview Said

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blue scalePublicity is an important part of my job. That means I have a publicist (who is really cool and she’s from Houston and has tattoos and wears spiky heels and skinny jeans to the office and she’s really fun) and my publicist has me do interviews with magazines and websites and arranges photo shoots (like the one I did in Paris last week–whaaa!?).

My publicist is happy when “big” outlets want to interview me because that means visibility. It means the possibility for even bigger outlets to take notice of me. It also means that as I try to go for my second Emmy nomination, my name is “out there” in ways that actually do matter and help in the nomination/popularity contest that is my industry.  Read the rest of this entry →

May 8 2013

That Time I Tried to Go to Paris

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passport traveling to parisI spent the weekend in Atlanta. I had Shabbos with my best friend and her husband and their two very cute and sweet sons and some really neat friends of theirs. I also spoke at a STEM event to benefit Yeshiva Atlanta sponsored by the Hebrew Order of David, a sort of grown-up fraternity for Jewish men which I never knew existed. It was a lovely weekend.

I was supposed to go to Paris Monday, because I am doing a photo shoot for CBS Watch magazine, and although it was to be a short trip, I was trying to be excited. Read the rest of this entry →

Jul 17 2012

Feeling the Nerd Love at Comicon 2012

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mayim bialik at comicon 2012Second year at Comic-Con with The Big Bang Theory.

Here’s the report.

Getting There: We camp with two families we adore every summer. This summer we chose lovely Cuyamoca Rancho State Park, an hour from Comic-Con. This meant two nights sleeping in a tent on the ground, eating veggie dogs and vegan s’mores, leading sing-a-longs, and seeing a rattlesnake two feet from me on a hike.

Getting Pretty: I never shower when camping, even if it’s a three or four day trip. However, the morning I had to be at Comic-Con, I used the camp’s shower and did my makeup using a car’s sideview mirror in the middle of our campsite at 7 a.m. What made it even more fun than my 25 cents-worth of a weak stream of tepid water was that there was a three-inch scorpion showering with me which I only spotted after lathering up. Not knowing how fast moving they are (it was a foot away from my foot), I VERY quickly rinsed off while keeping a constant neurotic eye on the scorpion. It was a stressful two minutes to say the least. (FYI: scorpions are very fast moving and it could have stung me incredibly quickly and easily, I later found out.) Read the rest of this entry →

Apr 24 2012

My “Controversial” Book is Still Pissing People Off

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mayim bialik nursing on nyc subwayHoo-boy. My book, Beyond the Sling, came out a few months ago. It went well. I was on The View, Nightline, and GMA. Big magazines interviewed me and the reviews were really positive overall. I didn’t make the NY Times bestseller list (seems you have to be a horribly mean/strict/abusive mama to really capture the interest of Americans!), but I was really pleased with the overall outcome of the book release: we went into a third printing the week it came out, Kveller threw me an awesome party at kosher/vegan Cafe Blossom, and seven of the Maccabeats came to the party (but who’s counting?). I mean, come on: in my world it does not get much better than that.

Imagine my surprise that I and my book have become something of a mini-sensation again in the past two weeks! First, Howard Stern (who I both am repulsed by and find utterly fascinating) mentioned he’d love to talk to me about how I “don’t believe in diapers” (his quote, not mine; we practiced Elimination Communication (EC) but used cloth diapers until we had the system down at about 15 months and much as I “believe” in hamburgers but don’t partake in them, I do “believe” in diapers). Read the rest of this entry →

Mar 20 2012

A PowerPoint Presentation Tells Me How to Dress

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mayim bialik what not to wearWe all know I am fashion challenged. No, it’s not just because in an industry of less-is-more, I keep to some standards of tznius. And no, it’s not that I am vegan and don’t wear leather shoes or leather belts. It’s more that I don’t have a strong sense of vanity or ego and I just don’t think about my body that much. I lived quite happily this way until “What Not To Wear” snatched me up and publicly made me over about three years ago.

Now that I am acting full-time again and find myself going to publicity events and red carpet events and things like the Emmys and book tours, I have finally found that I need to have a stylist I can call on to help me. After much searching and hysteria on my part, I finally found a stylist I love. I have gushed about her on Kveller before, but while I was in New York for the book tour a few weeks ago, Alison M. Kahn outdid herself. Read the rest of this entry →

Mar 13 2012

Interview Roundup for Beyond the Sling

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If you need proof that I’ve been busy, here’s a roundup of all the interviews I’ve done on TV, radio, and the internet promoting Beyond the Sling.

– Here’s a clip from The View, in which Barbara Walters becomes downright obsessed with my sex life. You can watch the full episode here.

– Here’s the Nightline segment on me and the book:
video platform

Here’s a link to the segment on Good Morning America, in which George Stephanopoulos calls Attachment Parenting, “the ultimate hug-it-out” style of parenting.

Read the rest of this entry →

Mar 5 2012

Beyond the Sling Book Tour Day #1

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mayim bialik good morning americaThe book tour hath begun. And with it, the wrath of the book tour. Here is what’s going on.

1. I was originally slated to appear live on “Good Morning America” this morning but last minute they pulled that appearance and used part of my “Nightline” interview instead. It remains to be seen why this switch occurred, but from my faithful attachment parenting-friendly Facebook fans, it sounds like it came off okay, Milwaukee butcher-knife-in-bed anti-co-sleeping ad discussion and all. Watch the video here. Read the rest of this entry →

Mar 1 2012

Book Publicity Madness

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busy scheduleMy book comes out in less than a week. I am doing a ton of press starting at 6:30 a.m. or 7 a.m. most mornings until then, and once I hit the ground in New York, it’s 12-14 hours a day for five days straight.

I wanted to share what Monday was like, just to give you a taste of the insanity and worlds colliding. Read the rest of this entry →

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