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Apr 9 2012

Post-Seder Reflections

By at 3:09 pm

vegetable soup in pot

Here’s what’s been on my mind since our Passover seder experience over the weekend:

1. Opinionated Kids. Children parented with gentle discipline will give their adorable little opinions all the time, since they know their voice matters and that even if the universe doesn’t change for them, they have a right to state their preferences and be heard. And since we can’t threaten time-outs, no dessert, or them being sent to bed as a punishment, small people will kind of give their sweet little opinions throughout the seder. Granted, he used a polite and gentle voice most of the time, but hearing a 6-year-old repeatedly ask to “get to the fun stuff already” from urchatz (ritual hand washing) on got a bit old by yachatz (middle matzah is broken).

2. Gluten-Free.   Read the rest of this entry →

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