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Dec 5 2013

Mayim Bialik’s Thanksgivukkah, in Pictures

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Since the last night of Hanukkah was last night, today is technically the 8th day of Hanukkah. Here are my top 10 photos of my Hanukkah, including some highlights from Thanksgiving, which coincided with Hanukkah this year.

1. As I discussed here last week, my parents hosted Thanksgivukkah dinner. Here is the name card that was at my seat at the table. Note the Jewish star name card holder and the Thanksgiving and Hanukkah stickers adorning it. It should be noted that there were only six of us at dinner, but I think it’s kind of adorable that my mother insists on making name cards just the same.

mayim bialik thanksgivukkah place card

2. Here is my mother’s perfect fusion of Thanksgiving and Hanukkah: a Hanukkah placemat with Thanksgiving paper plates and napkins.

mayim bialik thanksgivukkah placemats

3. Ditto. Read the rest of this entry →

Nov 27 2013

Top 3 Thanksgivukkah Debates Going on in Mayim’s Home

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Debate #1: To Latke or Not to Latke

Hanukkah starts tonight and although it is a holiday in its own right, with religious, historical, and spiritual meaning and ritual, I can’t ignore the fact that tomorrow is Thanksgiving. My mother, as I discussed here last week, is making latkes as our Thanksgiving meal starchy side dish. Should I make latkes tonight?

Yes: Latkes are always delicious. You can never go wrong with latkes. My kids love latkes. My ex loves latkes. Yes, latkes all the time.

No: There’s so much cooking to be done tomorrow and since my parents are hosting, it would kind of be a shame to get my kitchen all messy since it’s currently not messy. Latkes, while delicious, are not super healthy. And since we are spending the weekend with my ex’s mom and she will be making latkes and I will undoubtedly make them after the weekend, before Hanukkah ends, I think it might be enough fried food for the week as it is.

Debate #2: To Cook or Not to Cook

My hand is still not 100% and I have been assigned the task of making Brussels Sprouts chips (Yes, the recipe is in my book which comes out in February.) and sufganiyot (Yes, the recipe is in my book.) My ex has graciously offered to cook for me with me supervising of course, but I’m still not sure 100%.

Yes: Cooking is important to me and it really makes me feel part of the holiday, even if I’m not hosting. Even though my ex is capable and competent in the kitchen, the sufganiyot recipe especially is complicated and I like things done my way!

No: I shouldn’t hurt my hand more than it is already hurt. Chuck Lorre himself told me that even making my own challah is not worth hurting my hand, which I did at Rosh Hashanah and I’m still paying for it.

Mayim Hanukkah

Debate #3: To Gift All at Once or Not All at Once

The ex and I are not giving our sons eight gifts, but I still am not sure if we should give them what we did buy them all on the first night or space it out. They will also be getting gifts on Thanksgiving from my parents and this weekend when we see their safta.

Yes: Giving gifts all at once eliminates the “planned disappointment” that expectation inherently breeds. It’s also pretty fun (even for a scrooge like me) to see kids open a bunch of gifts at once.

No: Maybe it’s too excessive. Maybe they won’t appreciate each gift if there are several following it. Maybe there will be too much of a letdown on subsequent nights. Maybe it’s better to leave a couple of things for after we return from our big weekend away with their safta and can spend the final nights of Hanukkah at home together.

As it stands going into Hanukkah tonight, I am voting for no latke, letting the ex cook, and spreading the gifts out, and once my ex reads this post, he can weigh in.

Chag Sameach!

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Nov 19 2013

Mayim Bialik: Top 10 Things About My Appearance on The Arsenio Hall Show

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mayim bialik backstage arsenio hall show

1. History. I have been on “Arsenio” before. Well, I was on his former show in the 90s about five times. The first time was after “Beaches” came out and I played the trumpet on his show. Yes, I was that precocious actor kid giggling and playing a musical instrument for the pleasure of the audience. I was on again a bunch of times when I was on “Blossom” and if you go to my website you can see the video clips of all of those cringeworthy (for me) moments of me on “Arsenio.” Some include me in a floppy hat, dress, vest, and Doc Martens. Awkward!

2. Backstage. Sherri Shepherd from “The View” was on “Arsenio” last night, too. She came into my dressing room and was very sweet. I have been on “The View” to discuss my book on Attachment Parenting, Beyond the Sling, and they sort of gave me a hard time about a lot of it but they were also fairly nice. Then when I got divorced, some of the former hosts were not really nice at all. But Sherri has always been kind and supportive and we had some good laughs backstage. She also specifically said she wishes she could bottle and sell my hips which surprised me but I guess they are nice in the right light. Read the rest of this entry →

Nov 14 2013

Sneek Peek at the Bialik Family Thanksgivukkah Menu

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mayim bialik vegan thanksvigukkah menu

I’m not always the best daughter. Sometimes I’m impatient, short-tempered, bossy, and annoyed with my mother. I work hard to promptly apologize to my mother when I’ve not behaved nicely but I admit that I don’t always do that perfectly either. I may be able to make up for every prickly thing I’ve ever said or done to my mother with this post, because I would like to talk about how she prepares for holidays such as Thanksgivukkah, which happens in a few weeks.

My mom is a great cook. Her Hungarian mother was also a great cook and I bet my grandmother’s mother was a good cook too, and so on, all the way back. My mother specializes in all kinds of food but her presentation, her attention to detail, and the joy with which she cooks and serves food are also noteworthy.

Since I had my first son eight years ago, my mother has started the mini-tradition of writing up menus before holidays. This serves a dual purpose. She is a Type A list-maker and, thus, making menus satisfies her list making needs. Secondly, she likes me to consult about the menu, make changes as needed, and select which items I will be helping with. Read the rest of this entry →

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