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Nov 7 2013

Mayim Bialik: Five Surprising Things About Working on The Big Bang Theory

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mayim bialik 5 surprising things about the big bang theory

People ask me a lot how it’s going on The Big Bang Theory this season. We are about eight episodes into the seventh season, and I barely remember what these episodes have been about!

I learn scripts week to week, and once I have to learn the next one, I pretty much forget the previous week’s. That’s just the truth.

I know I sang with Simon Helberg’s character, Wolowitz, and we sang Neil Diamond. I know this week’s episode is our –first ever!–Thanksgiving episode. I know Johnny Galecki’s character was on a boat in the season opener and he came back, and I know that I’ve had some great scenes with Jim Parsons, but I can’t quite remember what they were about!

Here are a few other surprising things about working on The Big Bang Theory that you may not know. Read the rest of this entry →

Aug 15 2013

Heading Back to Work on Season 7 of The Big Bang Theory

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mayim bialik on big bang theory season 6The Big Bang Theory” went back into production this week on our seventh season. Although I have only been a regular cast member since season four, I feel a huge part of this amazing cast and show, especially as we head into this new season nominated for an Outstanding Comedy Emmy.

What does it look like when I go back to work? Well, it’s a lot like the first day back at school. I am excited to see my friends and co-workers, and our staff and crew, and I am also a little nervous… It’s a lot of hugging and catching up and smiling and chit-chatting and I’m not the most socially smooth person. Read the rest of this entry →

Apr 4 2013

Getting Young Girls Pumped About Science

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mayim bialik devry university STEM Herworld monthOne of the questions I get asked most often is, “Is it fun being on The Big Bang Theory?” I am happy to report that I always answer a resounding, “Yes!” But as fun as it is to be Amy Farrah Fowler, it’s more fun to watch the looks on girls’ faces when they find I’m a scientist in real life! In fact, this past hiatus from filming The Big Bang Theory was spent encouraging girls to embark in careers in science, technology, engineering, and math (known collectively as STEM) during National HerWorld Month.

My hiatus was spent, in fact, partnering with DeVryUniversity to speak at its HerWorld event in New York City. Throughout the month of March, more than 7,000 high school girls participated in similar conventions all over the country. HerWorld feature workshops, hands-on activities, and lectures from women in STEM. The idea is to provide information about STEM careers and to give young girls positive role models to learn from so that they can picture themselves as the next generation of scientists, techies, engineers, and mathematicians.  Read the rest of this entry →

Mar 28 2013

Happy Birthday to Jim Parsons, A True Mentsch

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mayim bialik paleyfest 2013 big bang theoryTwo weeks ago, the cast of The Big Bang Theory participated in a panel discussion with the creators and executive producers of our show for the PaleyFest in Beverly Hills. It was an opportunity for us to be interviewed in front of about 500 fans, and the panel was broadcast all over the country and internet as well. We took questions from the audience, as well as from the moderator, Pauley Perrette (from “NCIS”).

There was a red carpet before and the event tends to be on the casual side, but since I don’t wear pants and my idea of casual is a denim skirt, black 3/4 T-shirt and Payless flats, I was nervous about what to wear, since I tend to inevitably look overdressed because of my tznius (modesty) choices. I barely understood why stylist Ali told me to wear what I wore, but my outfit got rave reviews. Go figure. (If I learned one thing from my make-over on “What Not To Wear,” it was to not trust myself in anything fashion-related and listen to someone who can be trusted.)  Read the rest of this entry →

Mar 8 2013

On the Big Bang Theory Princess Scene & Why I Don’t Like Princess Culture

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mayim bialik melissa rauch katey cuoco big bang theory princess costumesLast night’s episode of The Big Bang Theory featured my character, Melissa Rauch’s character, and Kaley Cuoco’s character dressed up as different Disney princesses. I was Snow White (since I’m the brunette), Melissa was Cinderella, and Kaley was Sleeping Beauty.

This would be a good time to tell you that I never once for Halloween or Purim ever dressed as a princess. I don’t remember having any particular fondness for fairy tales or the color pink. I despised the color purple and much as I enjoyed jewelry and trying out my mom’s makeup and even wearing my favorite robe (which happened to be pink) around the house, there is not one picture of me dressed like any sort of princess, Disney or otherwise. Read the rest of this entry →

Mar 4 2013

Wearing the Pants for The Big Bang Theory Super Bowl Ad

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big bang theory superbowl adMany of you may have seen The Big Bang Theory Super Bowl promo that our cast participated in. I believe it aired in the first 10 minutes or so of play in this year’s Super Bowl. The promo featured the entire cast of The Big Bang Theory swaggering down a smokey hallway, all decked out in football gear. The punchline was that Leonard was wearing his pads and jockstrap on the outside of his uniform. Read the rest of this entry →

Dec 7 2012

Top 10 Things You Should Know About Mayim’s Appearance on Craig Ferguson

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mayim bialik on craig fergusonI appeared on The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson last week. Here’s the video. Here’s Top 10 Things You Should Know About My Appearance.

10. I had no idea what Craig would talk to me about. At all. They don’t prep you for his show like they do for other talk shows. It’s sort of like a crazy high pressure cocktail party. And for the record, even mellow non-tape-recorded cocktail parties feel like high-pressure cocktail parties to me because I am socially anxious. So imagine my anxiety for this appearance. Yeah: high. Read the rest of this entry →

Nov 13 2012

What’s Up With My Hand?

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Yes, folks. That was indeed my ungloved hand in last week’s episode of The Big Bang Theory. I unleashed it in all of its glory in the episode where my character gets into a fight with Wil Wheaton.

The hand update is that it’s getting better, not worse. I get to see the hand surgeons for check-ups every few weeks rather than every week. I can do some things with my right hand, if imperfectly. Read the rest of this entry →

Oct 19 2012

Top 10 Behind the Scene Moments from Last Night’s Pie Eating Scene

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blueberry pieOn last night’s episode of The Big Bang Theory, Mayim’s character Amy Farrah Fowler took part in a serious pie-eating contest. Here are her favorite behind the scene moments.

1. It took two takes to film the scene: one take we did the day before for just camera taping purposes. One we did in front of the audience.

2. The pie was vegan and kosher for all.

3. I have never been in a pie-eating contest before. Read the rest of this entry →

Oct 4 2012

Can You Find Mayim’s Hand in Tonight’s TBBT?

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Mayim Bialik's hand The Big Bang TheoryAlthough the season premiere of The Big Bang Theory aired last week, this week’s episode will be the premiere episode after my car accident. Specifically, this episode will be the first of five episodes and counting of hiding not only my injury, but the various gloves, finger SPANXes, and splints that I’m using. I thought I’d share some behind-the-scenes tidbits of what it’s been like hiding my dominant right hand all of these weeks.

1. Script – Our writers have been very careful to not give my character any plotlines that involve lifting or carrying. In an upcoming episode, it’s actually required that I draw on a white board, but since I’m fairly dexterous with my left hand, we made it work.

2. Blocking – The director of The Big Bang Theory, Mark Cendrowski, helps me plan my movement in every scene so that my hand is either upstage, i.e. away from the cameras, or hidden. We’ve successfully hidden my hand in its gloved and splinted state behind boxes, board games, and various containers. As you will see in many episodes, it often hangs out of sight under tables and desks.

3. Wardrobe – Since I still can’t get myself dressed at home, I have a lot of assistance getting dressed at work. No, I don’t make my husband come to work every time I have a wardrobe change, but our wardrobe department has a team of wonderful women and I’m very grateful to Jane, who has gotten me dressed for the past seven weeks. Amy Farrah Fowler always wears stockings, but to save Jane the experience of hiking tights up over my body every week, the wardrobe department has made me thigh-high versions of all of Amy’s tights. This makes it a much more dignified experience for both me and Jane. For the first five weeks or so of my injury, we had to cut open certain sleeves of the shirts I wore, but now that I can remove the splint for periods of time and I’m wearing a sleeker fingerless compression glove, we simply have me wearing bulkier shirts that fit over my still-swollen hand.

4. Anxiety – After an accident such as mine, there’s a lot of anxiety about the injury, about its healing, and about the pain that, although less persistent, can and does still occur. For this reason, I wear my splint whenever I’m on set and as the weeks go on, I’ll be able to wear it less, but for now, I still walk around with a sense of nervousness about it.

I’m very grateful to our writers, our director, our wardrobe department, all of our producers who are so caring and supportive, and our cast, who knows that in any scene with me, they have to do the heavy lifting, as it were.

So, enjoy tonight’s episode and look for all the creative ways that my hand is hidden!

To read more about my accident, you can catch up on how I got dressed for the Emmys and all the interesting gloves I’ve had to wear.

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Mayim Bialik is the grandchild of immigrants from Eastern Europe and the mother of two young boys. She is best known for her lead role in the 1990s NBC sitcom Blossom, as well as her current role as Amy Farrah Fowler on CBS' The Big Bang Theory.

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