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Apr 24 2013

Coconut Yogurt, Stoner on the Plane & Other Highs and Lows of My Trip to Denver

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denverI just returned from a trip to Denver. I spoke for the Hillel there at a funky art gallery. Awesome venue. I always like to speak for college students, and especially to Hillel donors. I share what a huge influence Hillel had on me during my 12 years of undergraduate and graduate school at UCLA, and how Hillel shaped my Jewish adulthood and life in ways no other organization ever has. It was a very nice trip.

Here are three things I am grateful for from the trip:

1. Breastfeeding mama on my airplane. When I see babies boarding planes I am also boarding, I get nervous. I am very jittery on planes as it is, and a screaming small person on planes makes me even more jittery. Kids and babies are like a fuse about to burst at any minute; they make me anxious even though I know it’s normal and natural blah blah blah. Read the rest of this entry →

Jul 27 2012

My Phone, the Miracle Worker

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HTC phoneMy phone performed a tremendous act of tzedakah and gemilut chasadim (acts of love and kindness) last week. Here’s what happened.

Touching Down

Upon landing in Atlanta with my two boys, I gathered our two suitcases, shlepped our carry-ons, and waited curbside for our ride to come. The three of us were in Atlanta (my husband was to have five days to himself) to stay with my best friend, her 3-year-old, and her 2-month-old. In addition, I was slated to appear there at the Bellies to Babies event to benefit Midwifery International alongside the natural birth/homebirth guru and mother of modern midwifery, Ina May Gaskin.

Anyway. We were waiting curbside and an old African-American man in a wheelchair is wheeled out by one of the airport escort types who wheel people outside to curbs. This man had been on our flight from Los Angeles, and I remembered seeing him at LAX and noticing how frail and sweet he looked. And I felt sad that he was all alone, because I am just the type of person who feels sad when they see frail old people in wheelchairs alone. Read the rest of this entry →

Jul 26 2012

Mayim’s First Screenplay: Flying for First-Time Parents

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airport securityI have been flying a lot lately. Lots of travel for speaking engagements for Federations, shuls of all persuasions, and as a spokeslady for Texas Instruments n-Spire CX (I do love my graphing calculator!). I see and hear a lot of funny stuff in airports, but I recently saw and heard a fantastic interaction I wanted to share.

The scene: Airport security line. Everyone in line is taking off shoes, taking out laptops, stripping off hoodies, preparing to place all belonging onto the conveyer belt.
The cast: First-time mom and dad, weathered, 40ish, perky. 18-month-old girl. Inquisitive, bright-eyed, well-dressed. PVC, BPA-free snack trap in hand.
The vibe: Hectic but organized. Read the rest of this entry →

Jul 9 2012

Miss Mayim in Mexico (Photos Included!)

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miss mayim bed mexico

My hotel bed!

My husband and I took our kids on a proper family resort vacation last week. We went to this awesome isolated place called Villa del Palmar in Loreto, Baja. It had shallow pools and entertainment (including a night of traditional regional Mexican dancing and carnival games…we won a scary but awesome Mexican marionette).

It was as hectic a vacation as one might expect with an almost 4- and almost 7-year-old, but it was also really beautiful, the spa was awesome, and I got wrapped in Sea of Cortez mud and everything. Read the rest of this entry →

Jul 2 2012

Greetings From Mexico With Two Kvetchy Little Boys

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baja california surAlthough The Big Bang Theory has been on hiatus since April, I haven’t really been “on vacation” until this past week. My summer has been filled with travel for Texas Instruments (I’m their spokeswoman, dontcha know), speaking engagements (three trips to New York in the month of June alone), and other various publicity (such as Monte Carlo with Melissa Rauch from Big Bang, which I wrote about in four parts for Read the rest of this entry →

Jun 22 2012

I’ll Miss You, New York

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new york manhattan skylineI was in New York this week to speak at The Jewish Center in Manhattan on Tuesday and the Hebrew High School of New England benefit in West Hartford, CT last night.

Tuesday night at TJC was a sold out (600 people!) crowd. I was the first woman to speak as part of a lecture series started by a prominent family in Manhattan and the first time they have sold out. That felt really neat, and it was such an amazing diverse community. The Los Angeles Modern Orthodox community is very homogeneous for the most part, and it’s both startling and grounding to come to a place like TJC where I meet men and women who are such a neat blend of modern and traditional. I felt very supported in my struggles towards observance in a secular world and I really felt like people don’t feel the need to “box me in” here as much as in Los Angeles or on the internet! Read the rest of this entry →

Jun 19 2012

Finding Expensive Water & Jews in Monte Carlo

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All in gold for the Golden Nymph Awards.My trip to the International TV Festival of Monte Carlo has come and gone. The six days I spent away from my two little ones was full of international publicity, an awesome half-day at the beach, a day trip to the medieval city of Eze, and a lot of dressing up and looking fancy, something that I don’t tend to excel in without a LOT of help and support.


Monte Carlo is a beautiful seaside port city, but what I will say stands out about it is that it was extremely expensive. It’s kind of a town built for high-rollers, and I don’t just mean the gambling type. Everything is expensive from the bottles of water ($8 for 8 oz anyone!?) to the kind of shops. The stores lining the streets are mostly Rodeo Drive-type prices and clientele. I cannot emphasize enough how expensive everything was. And I know I’m super frugal, but even the more spendthrift of my friends would be astonished by how much money you need to have to simply eat three meals a day (and a snack) and buy a trinket or two for your mom. Read the rest of this entry →

Jun 14 2012

Monte Carlo Day 3: Mayim Sits in the Shade

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mayim bialik monte carlo beach

Sipping my mojito in the shade.

Well, folks. Amid the insanity that is Monte Carlo and all the reasons I am here, I had a nice day at the beach. I did it! I sat for four hours which is the longest I have sat anywhere since having kids, excluding labor itself, and even then, I walked around quite a bit.

I sat at the Monte Carlo Beach Club on a chaise lounge with my iPod nano and my fancy headphones and I listened and I watched. Then I strolled along the water and sat at the edge of the sea. Then I people watched from my lounge chair. Then I drank a mojito and ate some Triscuits. Then I wrote in my journal. Then I sketched some of the guys working for the beach club, who seem entirely thrilled to spend the day running around in the hot sun bringing rich folks bowls of fruit and Evian. It was awesome.

Here are some features of a day at the beach with Mayim: Read the rest of this entry →

Jun 13 2012

Monte Carlo Day 2: The Cool & the Not-So-Cool

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monte carlo

Monte Carlo.

I made it to Monte Carlo for the International TV Festival leading up to the Golden Nymph Awards. Today was the gigantic back-to-back press day. I actually slept seven hours last night and survived today on very little food (vegan options are close to impossible here), but I think the drinks that flow here accounted for most of my calories, so we are good.

Here are the top five cool things and the top five not-so-cool things that happened today.


1. Sustenance. A proper vegan meal has been acquired by yours truly (with a few modifications) at our hotel: panini with olive tapenade, avocado, tomato and fresh basil. French fries (er…pomme frites: whatever). Read the rest of this entry →

Jun 11 2012

Headed to Monte Carlo for the Golden Nymph Awards

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golden nymph award

The Golden Nymph herself.

I write from London Heathrow airport on my way to the International Film and TV Festival in Monte Carlo. The Big Bang Theory is nominated for a Golden Nymph Award (yes, that’s a real thing and no, it’s not a porn awards show as the name seems to imply), and our lead actors are nominated as well. Melissa Rauch and I are the sole representatives of our show, and our creator and executive director Bill Prady will be there as well. I am sitting in a first class British Airways lounge listening to the Maccabeats’ “Out of The Box” on my new Apple Nano drinking a mimosa. True story.

I will be in Monte Carlo for four nights and I return before Shabbat on Friday. I have never been away this long from my almost 4 and 6 1/2-year-old sons, and it was a hard goodbye. Read the rest of this entry →

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