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Jewish Children's Books Quiz

How closely have you been reading these great Jewish kid's books?

Question 1. The Carp in the Bathtub is about kids plotting to save a fish that their parents plan to eat for what Jewish holiday?
 Rosh Hashanah
 Tu Bishvat


Question 2. Where does Five Little Gefiltes by Dave Horowitz take place?
 New York City
 A Jewish deli
 Boca Raton


Question 3. Finish the title of this new children's book by Laurel Snyder: Baxter, The Pig Who ___
 Ate Too Much Challah
 Was Late to Temple
 Converted to Judaism
 Wanted to be Kosher


Question 4. Finish the title of this classic children's book by Isaac Bashevis Singer: Zlateh the ___


Question 5. Who wrote the Hanukkah book, The Latke Who Couldn't Stop Screaming?
 The Brothers Grimm
 Lemony Snicket
 Dr. Seuss
 Shel Silverstein