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Mayim Bialik Quiz

How much do you know about the Emmy-nominated Jewish actress and Kveller contributor Mayim Bialik?

Question 1. What's the name of Mayim's fancy assistant?


Question 2. What did Mayim get a PhD in?
 Theatre Studies
 Biochemical Engineering
 American Studies


Question 3. What's the name of Mayim's hairless Peterbald cat?


Question 4. What's the first video that Mayim's oldest son Miles ever watched?
 A recording of Superbowl XXV, Giants vs. Bills
 A video of a homebirth
 Finding Nemo


Question 5. What is the name of Mayim's first book?
 Hypothalamic Activity: How our Neural Fibers Affect our Parenting Skills
 Child Star turned Lactation Counselor: Being Mayim Bialik
 Beyond the Sling: A Real-Life Guide to Raising Confident, Loving Children the Attachment Parenting Way
 Orthovegan: How to be a Good Vegan and an Even Better Jew


Question 6. What was the name of Blossom's best friend on the hit series Blossom?


Question 7. Which one of these things is Mayim not?
 Attachment parent
 Lactation counselor


Question 8. Young Mayim played the character of a child performer in which 80s film?
 Weird Science


Question 9. When Mayim appeared on the Aresenio Hall show in 1989, what special talent did she reveal?
 Chess playing
 Trumpet playing
 Fluency in Mandarin


Question 10. What religion was Mayim's ex-husband before he converted to Judaism?