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Yom Kippur Quiz

It's known as the holiest day of the year, so what's the deal with Yom Kippur?

Question 1. When reciting the list of sins, called the Viddui, it is customary for people to
 Remain seated
 To stand and stomp after each sin is read
 Bow after each sin is read
 To stand and beat their chests after each sin is read


Question 2. Tradtionally, to fast on Yom Kippur is to abstain from:
 All food and drinks
 All food and drinks except water
 All food, but not drinks
 All food that is not harvest directly from the ground


Question 3. One word you'll often hear on Yom Kippur is teshuvah, meaning:


Question 4. Traditionally, many people dress in what special way on Yom Kippur?
 In all white or light colors, to symbolize purity
 In all black or dark colors, to symbolize sin
 In brand new clothes, to symbolize a fresh start
 In leather, for no apparent reason


Question 5. True or false: Prayer services on Yom Kippur are longer than on any other day of the year.