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Sukkot Quiz

From spending time in makeshift huts to waving around fruits and spices, how much do you know about the autumnal holiday Sukkot?

Question 1. How many walls must a sukkah have?
 At least two
 At least two and a half
 At least three


Question 2. The roof of the sukkah should
 provide some shade, but still allow you to see stars at night.
 be left completely open.
 be made out of lulavs and etrogs.
 be low enough for the youngest person of the family to touch.


Question 3. What does the sukkah represent?
 The shacks the Jews had to live in after the Roman destruction of Jerusalem
 The huts the Israelites built in God's honor at the bottom of Mount Sinai when they received the Torah
 The huts the Israelites lived in during their wandering in the desert after leaving Egypt
 The tabernacle


Question 4. Which is NOT one of the four species for Sukkot?


Question 5. An etrog is a variety of
 Root Vegetable