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Tu Bishvat Quiz

How much do you know about this environmentally friendly holiday?

Question 1. Which of these is a popular Tu Bishvat activity in Israel?
 Dancing in the streets
 Reading the Book of Daniel
 Planting trees
 Sitting in the sukkah


Question 2. What type of tree is typically planted in honor of a baby boy?


Question 3. How many cups of wine are part of the Tu Bishvat Seder?
 Zero :(


Question 4. What occasion does Tu Bishvat mark?
 The middle of winter
 The first day of spring
 The new year for the trees
 The day the rainy season begins


Question 5. On Tu Bishvat it is customary to eat
 Only foods made out of the seven species
 Foods made with any fruits
 Foods imported from Israel