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Yiddish Foods Quiz

So you think you know Jewish food? You've been making your grandmother's brisket for years and can practically do it in your sleep? Test your knowledge with this quiz!

Question 1. Babka is:
 Honey cake for Rosh Hashanah
 Bread-like cake
 Fruit compote
 Flourless Passover cake


Question 2. Rugelach is:
 A special kind of rolling pin
 A rolled cookie
 A pumpkin chocolate chip cookie
 Rolled cake


Question 3. Cholent is:
 A mix of apples, nuts, wine and honey used at the Passover seder
 A slow-cooked beef stew
 Another word for potato pancakes
 A vegetarian entree


Question 4. Borscht is:
 An egg omelet with kippered herring
 The sound a matzah ball makes when it hits the pot
 Cold beet soup
 The sound of a blintz frying


Question 5. Lukshen are used in:
 Noodle kugel