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Israeli Food Quiz

Trying to figure out the difference between schnitzel and shakshuka? Interested in adding a little hummus to your life? Then maybe you can ace our Israeli foods quiz!

Question 1. What is the star ingredient in baba ganoush?


Question 2. What is Israeli hummus made from?
 black beans
 garbanzo beans
 cannellini beans


Question 3. What does a traditional Israeli breakfast usually include?
 Vegetables, pita bread, labane, and olives
 Pancakes, hummus, chicken, and olives
 Eggs, French toast, waffles, and olives
 Bacon, baba ganoush, hummus, and olives


Question 4. What is schnitzel?
 Kosher sausage
 A Purim cookie
 A Rosh Hashanah apple dessert
 A fried meat cutlet


Question 5. What is shakshuka?
 The Israeli version of a hamburger
 Tomato sauce with poached eggs
 The sound of a falafel frying
 The beans used to make hummus