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Jewish Children's Music Quiz

From prayer songs to folk staples to silly parodies, how much do you know about the wonderful world of Jewish kids' music?

Question 1. If you've been to a Jewish wedding, you've heard the song "Hava Nagila," the title of which means:
 Let us rejoice
 Let us pray
 Let us sing
 Let's get down and boogie


Question 2. Mah Tovu's hit "Pharoah Pharoah" is a Passover song set to the tune of which classic?
 Mony Mony
 Tonight, Tonight
 Rebel Rebel
 Louie Louie


Question 3. The Klezmatics came out with a Hanukkah album of songs originally written by:
 Woody Guthrie
 Johnny Cash
 Bob Dylan
 Neil Diamond


Question 4. Which Jewish kids' band is known for such hits as "Billy Bagel," "Matzoh Ball (Don't Kick It)" and "Seder Plate"?
 The Babkas
 The Macaroons
 The Maccabeats
 The LeeVees


Question 5. Parents often sing this common prayer to their kids at bedtime:
 Birkat Hamazon