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Famous Jewish Dads

They act, they sing, they make movies, and they eat matzah ball soup. How much do you know about these celebrity Jewish dads?

Question 1. Who is Matthew Broderick married to?
 Jennifer Love Hewitt
 Sarah Michelle Gellar
 Sarah Jessica Parker
 Jennifer Grey


Question 2. What is the name of Ben Stiller's famous Jewish dad?
 Jerry Stiller
 George Stiller
 Al Stillman
 Ben Stiller, Sr.


Question 3. What are the names of Sacha Baron Cohen's two daughters?
 Rachel and Leah
 Olive and Elula
 Lola and Maya
 Tabitha and Loretta


Question 4. What are the names of Adam Sandler's two daughters?
 Sadie and Sunny
 Bonnie and Sylvie
 Happy and Sky
 Fay and Layla


Question 5. Which of these Jewish celebrities is not a father (yet)?
 Jason Schwartzman
 Lenny Kravitz
 Seth Rogen
 Jack Black