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Purim Quiz

Cookies, costumes, and booze? What's the deal with this crazy holiday, anyway?

Question 1. Hamantashen get their name from the Yiddish meaning
 Haman's ear
 Haman's nose
 Haman's tush
 Haman's pockets


Question 2. Packages of food and other small treats that are offered to friends and family are called
 Purim Pockets
 Mishloach manot
 Hiddur mitzvah


Question 3. Beans and peas are sometimes eaten on Purim because
 Persian Jews invented falafel
 It is prohibited to eat meat on Purim
 Esther was a vegetarian in the king's court
 To balance the calories in hamantaschen


Question 4. What was the name of the King of Persia in the Purim story?
 King Ahasuerus
 King David
 King Antiochus IV
 King Ahab


Question 5. What is the name of the noisemakers used during the megillah reading?