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Unplugging for Shabbat


Whether or not your observe all the laws of Shabbat, challenging yourself to one day with no technology can be rewarding, and enlightening.

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Unplugging for Shabbat


Friday Night Lights

Shabbat BasicsShabbat Basics
What you need to know to celebrate Shabbat.
Shabbat for Families
Let the kids in on the fun.
Taking Your Kids to Services
It's hard, but worth it.

What to Expect

What to Expect at a BrisWhat to Expect at a Bris
First tip: Don't sit in the front row.
What to Expect at a Shabbat Dinner
Because it's not just your average meal.
What to Expect at a Shiva
Providing comfort for the mourners.

A Touch of Hebrew

How to Choose a Hebrew SchoolHow to Choose a Hebrew School
Finding the right one that works for your family.
Taking Your Kids to Services
It can be hard, but worth it.
Hebrew Alphabet Chart
From Aleph to Tav.

Everyday Jews

Finding the JewishFinding the Jewish
Let's go on a spiritual scavenger hunt, shall we?
My Super-Jewish Toddler
My 2-year-old is more zealous than me.
A Journey to Jewish Parenting
From Generic American to Jewish American.