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Passover 2014


This year, Passover begins on the evening of April 14th. Looking to explain the holiday to your kids? Here's the scoop: the Jews were slaves, there were some plagues, there was an Exodus, and the bread was flat. Need a little more? Read the full story.



Seder Time

How to Prepare a Seder How to Prepare a Seder
For those with the (matzo) balls to host your own Passover meal.
How to Survive a Seder With Kids
Getting through the whole thing.
Passover Shopping Guide
Just what you need.

Hands-On Fun!

Seder Plate Coloring Page Seder Plate Coloring Page
The perfect way to teach your kids about the Passover seder.
Afikomen Bag Craft
Adding style to your matzah hunt.
Passover Movies
Flicks for the season.

Songs and Prayers

Seder Plate by the Macaroons Seder Plate by the Macaroons
A funky Passover song with awesome animations.
The Four Questions
In Hebrew and English.
Passover Songs
Jazz up your seder!

Let's Eat Already

Passover Recipes
Passover Recipes
Tasty recipes that still pass all the rules of Passover.
The ultimate Passover main course.
Matzah Ball Soup
A Jewish holiday favorite!