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Purim 2014


This year, Purim begins at sundown on Saturday, March 15th. From costume ideas to hamantaschen recipes, we've got everything you need to celebrate Purim with your little ones.



Purim Basics

Purim Facts Purim Facts
What this crazy holiday is all about.
The Purim Story
The triumphant tale.
How to Celebrate
Costumes, noisemakers and fun.

Favorite Costumes

Queen Esther Queen Esther
A no-sew Purim getup that's sure to please.
An honorific costume.
King Ahasueros
It's good to be king.

Special Snacks

Hamantaschen Hamantaschen
A recipe for traditional Purim cookies.
Colorful Popcorn
Make a splash with your snacks.
Chickpeas for Purim
A traditional, healthy side dish.

How to Celebrate

Mishloach Manot--Goody Bags
Mishloach Manot--Goody Bags
A goodie-bag to give to friends on Purim.
Purim Cards
Personalized cards for friends and family.
Purim Dolls
To help retell the story of Purim.