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Shavuot Basics


Beyond the fact that it's a celebration of receiving the Torah, and it's traditional to eat dairy, what else do you know about Shavuot? Get all the facts here.



Shavuot 101

The Basics The Basics
What it's all about.
Shavuot Values for Preschoolers
Let them be like Ruth, like Boaz.

Dairy Deliciousness

Cheesecake Variations Cheesecake Variations
Creative spins on the classic Shavuot dessert.
Cheese Lokshen Kugel
Cheesy and sweet goodness.

Books, Music, and More

Book: A Mountain of Blintzes Book: A Mountain of Blintzes
Blintzes + Shavuot = perfection.
Shavuot Activities
Fun ways to celebrate with kids.

Edible Crafts

Mt. Sinai Muffins
Mt. Sinai Muffins
An edible craft for Shavuot.
Torah Sandwiches
A new way to eat your turkey.