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Whether you're looking for a preschool in Park Heights or a kosher supermarket in the heart of the city, browse through our list of local resources to find everything you need to do Jewish in Baltimore.


Baltimore Mohels


Your son will be in good hands.

Finding the mohel that’s right for you and your family is crucial. The mohels on this list will work with you to create a ceremony that meets your needs and makes everyone feel comfortable–even your new son. Mazel tov!

Please note: While Kveller is happy to share this information, inclusion on this list does not constitute an endorsement. 

Dr. Steven J. Adashek, MD
Phone: 410-561-9812 or 410-733-354
Training: Certified Mohel: Berit Mila Board of Reform Judaism Board. Certified by the American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology
Anesthesia: Prefers a ring block using 1% lidocaine
Geographic area: Greater Baltimore, Washington DC, Annapolis, MD and Southern Pennsylvania
Fee: $600 – Insurance reimbursement available
Additional information: Will perform b’rit milah to all members of the Jewish community, including interfaith couples

Rabbi Yirmiyahu Benyowitz
Phone: 443-799-4794
Training: Certified in Israel,1992
Geographic Area: Baltimore
Fee: $400
Additional information: Will perform bris for Jewish babies.

Rabbi Avrohom Glenn
Phone:  1-888-The-Bris or 1-917-371-0170
Training: Trained and certified by the famous Rabbi Yosef Yossele’ Weisberg of Jerusalem.
Geographic Area: Maryland, Washington DC and Virginia
Cost: Affordable

Rabbi Michael Henesch
Phone: 1-877-990-BRIS
Training: Formally certified as a Mohel in Jerusalem by Rabbi Yitzchok Lang and interned at Hadassah and Laniado Sanz Medical Center in Israel.
Anesthesia: Contact for more information.
Geographic area: Practices in Baltimore, Columbia, MD, Washington DC, Virginia, and New York
Fee: Depends on location of bris
Additional information: Welcomes all Jewish families

Rabbi Dani Kermaier
Phone: 410-402-0540
Training: R’ Yosef Oren–One of the premier mohelim in Israel.
Anesthesia: Natural
Geographic area: Maryland, Washington DC, Virginia, Pennsylvania
Fee: Depends on location of bris
Additional information: Equal opportunity mohel, open to all, inclusive ceremony.

Rabbi Moshe Rappaport
Phone: 410- 358-6560
Training:  Spent a year in Israel in 1980-81 training by the world renowned mohel Rabbi Yosef Weissberg for Sha’arei  Tzedek Hospital.
Anesthesia: In some degrees are used
Geographic area:  All of Maryland
Fee:  Depends on location and in some cases insurance will reimburse
Additional information: Makes every attempt to accommodate all family situations

Avi Rosenberg
: 917-941-9845
Training: London School of Circumcision (Ritual), Stony Brook University School of Medicine (advanced medical)
Anesthesia: Variable by age
Geographic area: Mostly mid-Atlantic, but travel across the USA and beyond available
Fee: No bris is turned down!
Additional information: Circumcisions provided for Jews and non-Jews alike, Interfaith families under some circumstances

Rabbi Dr. Tsvi G. Schur
Phone: 410-585-1344 or 443-929-1451
Training: Mt. Sinai Hospital Cleveland
Anesthesia: Wine
Geographic area: Maryland, Washington DC, Virginia, Pennsylvania
Fee: Varies but a bris will never be refused if unable to pay
Additional information:Will perform a bris for an interfaith family based on certain criteria


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