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  • Jan 30 2013
    Uncle Gets a Name

    “Nope.” “Cheerios?” “Nope.” “Toast?” “Mope.” “Banana?” “Nana!” Banana it is! Previously, I wrote about babysitting my niece, Lila, at six months, and at 15 months. Now 20 months old, babysitting has become a far less frightening proposition– Lila has become … Continue reading


  • Aug 15 2012
    Childless Uncle Changes a Diaper

    Earlier this year, I babysat my 9-month-old niece for an hour and a half, alone. Six months later, due in part to my stunning success in keeping her alive for 90 minutes in Manhattan, I got another chance. Eight full … Continue reading


  • Mar 16 2012
    The Childless Uncle & The Baby Take Manhattan

    I recently spent an hour and a half alone with my niece Lila–no competent adult supervising–on the dangerous streets of Manhattan.



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