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Aug 20 2014

Five Kids Who Tried the Ice Bucket Challenge & Adorably Failed

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News flash: The ice bucket challenge for ALS has reached the elementary schools.

Seriously, ALL the kids are doing it.

It’s not all squeals of delight, though. Aside from the obvious schoolyard politics which dictate that your kid’s popularity and self-worth be determined solely by how many times he or she is nominated, the challenge often doesn’t go exactly according to plan.

Here are five pitfalls to avoid if your decide to succumb to peer pressure and throw a bucket of ice over your child’s head.

1. Have someone else do the pouring. Please.

2. Preferably, a taller person.

3. Don’t splash the baby.

4. Go pee-pee in advance.

5. Stay away from the pool.

That’s all I got for now. If you’ve seen other worthy ice bucket fails, share the links in the comments below. Also, for an example of how it’s done right, definitely check out Mayim Bialik’s ice bucket challenge video here.

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