Dove Includes a Transgender Woman in Their #RealMoms Campaign


There are countless ways to be a mom–and no one way is the right way. This is why Dove created an ad campaign you’ll actually love–it’s called #RealMoms, and it’s about how women are parenting today. The best part about the ad? It’s inclusive–it features a mom who is also transgender.

The short clip, which is under two minutes, shows moms who parent alone, who dance, farm, and identify as LGBTQ, for starters. For instance, Shea, a graduate student, reveals that she and her partner are both biological parents to their son. The point of this ad is to show that moms come from all backgrounds–and also have their own lives and passions outside of their children, just as dads do. And that’s something not only to celebrate, but refreshing to see celebrated in mainstream media.

Watch the ad here:

The ad is still, of course, here to sell you beauty products. It’s still an ad.

But as long as we’re watching ads, it’s nice to see them embracing the beauty of diversity.

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