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News Roundup: Should Babies Be Dining at High End Restaurants?

 All the parenting news you probably didn’t have time to read this week.

– A chef at Alinea, one of Chicago’s top restaurants, has sounded off on the controversial subject of bringing your babies to dinner. After the story of a couple’s 8-month-old baby disturbing other diners made the rounds, the award-winning chef tweeted on the subject, inviting a slew of responses from parents and diners all over the world. (NBC)

– Birth order DOES matter! Or at least according to this piece, which explores the personality traits for the oldest: the achiever, the middle: the peacemaker, the and baby: the life of the party. (Huffington Post)

– The front page of New York Magazine has an article that asks the big question: is adolescence most difficult for parents or teenagers? The author makes a strong case for the parents, though the torture seems about equal. (NY Mag)

– This piece takes a look at the growing acceptance and trend of transgender fertility treatments. Many questions are posed on the ethical nature of treatments, as well as if a female-to-male transgender person should be able to be pregnant. (NY Times)

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