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Now Your House Can Smell Like All the Jewish Holidays


We all know that the High Holidays are drawer nearer and nearer, filling you with dread and anticipation all at the same time. (In case, you don’t know when it starts–it begins at sunset on Sunday, October 2 and ends on the evening of Tuesday, October 4.)

So far, we’ve helped you figure out what Rosh Hashanah cards and hostess gifts to get, as well as recipes to use, but there’s something else. Something you aren’t expecting. Rosh Hashanah (and Sukkot) scented candles. Um, hellooooooo. I would love my apartment to smell like the Jewish holidays.

For instance, who doesn’t want an apple and honey candle?


Or a pomegranate-scented candle?

pomegranate candle

There’s also a tzimmes one.

Happy smelling.

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