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Rosh Hashanah Resolution: Liking Myself More


To gear up for the High Holidays this year, we’re asking our writers and readers for their Rosh Hashanah Resolution. Here’s one from our writer Tzipporah La Fianza.

This year I’ve decided to like myself. I just turned 33 and it occurred to me that I have spent most of those 33 years trying to become something, change something, aspire to something, and it has left me with a constant feeling of never being happy with who I am. So this year I’ve decided to find the things I *do* like about myself and to honor them. To find a way to be in the moment with myself.

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Tzipporah La Fianza

Tzipporah La Fianza is a writer, doula, and homeschooler of four. She also volunteers for Breastfeeding USA. Though she does happen to drive a minivan, she maintains that it's merely a matter of convenience, and that she is not now, nor will she ever be, a soccer mom. Check out her compilation of short stories, essays, and blog posts over at or catch her on twitter @TzipporahLaura.

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