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17 Classic Back-to-School Movies You Can Stream Right Now

Now that it’s officially back to school season, it’s time to get in the groove–and you know, ease back into the whole school spirit vibe.

This is why I rounded up some of my favorite movies for teens and kids. John Hughes movies never get old, for instance.

Here’s my list below:

1. School of Rock

I basically love everything Jack Black has ever done, and his lovable turn as a fake music teacher turned passionate rock band leader is one of his best roles.

2. Clueless

Who doesn’t love Cher Horowitz, modern day matchmaker? As if!

3. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

Admittedly when I was a high school teacher, my students were bored by this movie—but I still think it’s a classic.

4. Pretty in Pink

This Molly Ringwald romantic drama will never get old, especially when it’s prom season.

5. Fast Times at Ridgemont High

It’s a realistic look at teens and sex that will never get old. Plus, Sean Penn in a movie about high school?!

6. Never Been Kissed

A loveable Drew Barrymore 90s rom-com.

7. High School Musical (Netflix)

Hey, it’s young Zac Efron–this series was beloved by a generation.

8. Mean Girls (Netflix)


A classic satire about bullying and cliques from Tina Fey.

9. Back to the Future

Marty saves the day. And you know, Crispin Glover before he became really weird.

10. Speak


This is an early Kristen Stewart movie about an outcast high school girl, based off the book of the same name. I actually taught the book in school, because it creates a good dialogue around suicide awareness.

11. 10 Things I Hate About You


All I’m going to say is “Heath Ledger.”(Okay, also “modern Shakespeare adaptation”).

12. Grease (Netflix)


Every teen needs to see this movie. I mean, this was when John Travolta was a sex symbol and man, could he dance.

13. The Outsiders


This was another book I taught (which meant, movie time!). Stay gold, Pony Boy. My students L-O-V-E-D it.


14. Chicken Little (Netflix)


For younger kids, who doesn’t love a movie about a nerdy chicken?

15. Recess: Taking the 5th Grade (Netflix)

TJ and his friends don’t love the new changes with they find with the new academic year.

16. Holes (Netflix)

These kids have detention…but there’s something weird going on.

17. Everyone’s Hero


All Jake wants to do is play baseball, but he’s faced with a decision.

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