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6-Month-Old Water Skier Is Said to Set World Record (For Real!)

water ski

Apparently, it’s possible for a 6-month-old to water ski, because one baby actually did. Zyla can’t walk, talk, or crawl, but she can sure as heck glide across the water. This little bundle of joy was recently filmed in a pink life vest water skiiing for 700 feet on a Florida lake under professional supervision.

Her dad, Keith St. Onge, is a professional barefoot water skier himself. He stated that his daughter could have kept going, but the boat reached the end of the lake:

“We had to stop. Otherwise, she would have gone a lot longer.”

St. Onge believes his daughter set a record, although USA Water Ski spokesman Scott Atkinson stated it doesn’t keep track of age records–just the youngest and oldest to compete in national championships.

Watch Zyla water ski below:

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